Scotland captain Craig Wright will lead the Europe side against MCC at VOC Rotterdam on 29 JUne.

The squad of 12 players contains four Scots and four Irish players, 2 from the Netherlands and one each from Denmark and Guernsey.

Denmark's Freddie Klokker will keep wicket.

  • Craig Wright (Scotland, captain)
  • Frederik Klokker (Denmark)
  • Jeremy Bray (Ireland)
  • Andre Botha (Ireland)
  • Ryan Watson (Scotland)
  • Daan van Bunge (Netherlands)
  • Jeremy Frith (Guernsey)
  • Lee Savident (Guernsey)
  • Trent Johnston (Ireland)
  • Kyle McCallan (Ireland)
  • Edgar Schiferli (Netherlands)
  • Dewald Nel (Scotland)
  • Ross Lyons (Scotland)