The 35 year old sent in his retirement letter dated April 28 to the national team manager Richard Mwami, coach Henry Okecho and chairman selection committee Robert Kisubi after being named on the squad to prepare for the Kenya tour set for May 28.

'Considering the upcoming international engagements and World Cup qualifiers after four years, I feel I may not be material for the national squad. I therefore submit my retirement and hope you groom new youngsters to take on my roles,' Bibodi wrote.

Bibodi made his national team debute in 1993 during the East and Central Africa Cricket Championship (ECACC).

He also played in the Africa Zone VI championship where he knocked his highest international score of 140 runs against Botswana in 1998.

He won three man-of-match accolades in ECACC and has been scoring top averages on the various national teams in the past.

'Nehal has been undoubtedly an excellent experienced player with very good batting skills, good playing techniques and above all very disciplined. I strongly believe he has done a service for his country,' Kisubi acknowledged.

The ace however said he would continue playing the local tournaments for his club Tornado.
Since 1996, Bibodi has been a trophy winner for various clubs having started with KICC (1996-1998), Premier (2000), Destroyers (2001) and Tornado

He strongly believes he can take on the coaching role especially for the youngsters.