Argentina will return to the top level of Americas non-Test cricket following their undefeated run in winning the Americas World Cricket League Division Two tournament in Buenos Aires last month.

The home country benefitting from match practice against several touring teams during the summer, won all four matches against Affiliate opposition in a tournament staged to provide the qualifier for the Americas Division One tournament in Toronto from July 16 to 23, also involving Bermuda, Canada and the United States.

The Argentines, were coached during the tournament by New Zealand-based Hamish Barton.

The Bahamas, Argentina's only threat prior to the event, arrived in Buenos Aires without a coach and having played internal practice matches back in Nassau.

They were still good enough to win their matches against Belize (29.5 overs to spare), Suriname (23.3 overs) and Panama (34 overs) in an uninhibited fashion.

According to CEW's Caribbean-based source, Panama, Suriname and Belize, were of equivalent ability, with all three capable of defeating the other two on a given day.

Cricket in third placed Panama remains confined to the descendants of the country's Indian population which which has comprised its player base for several generations.

While not the national sport in either, cricket has developod solid bases in both fourth placed Suriname, and last placed Belize.

The Surinamese's first match was delayed after their flight to Buenos Aires via Sao Paolo was delayed for 72 hours due to mechnical problems.