While Scotland and Ireland Under 19's will be playing in temperatures of up to 30 degrees in the Under 19 World Cup another competition will be taking place in the Swiss village of St. Moritz on the 2nd and 3rd of February where the temperature could be minus 20 degrees.

This will be the eighteenth year that the competition has taken place. The first tournament happened in 1988 when a group of young Englishmen had the idea of playing the game in St Moritz on a frozen lake 6000 feet above sea level.

It has become an annual event ever since and St. Moritz Cricket Club founded in 1993 now runs the tournament. This year three teams will play in a round robin competition to decide the winners. The Old Cholmelians XI (a team of old boys from Highgate School London) will be defending the trophy against  Winterhur XI  (cricket enthusiasts from Winterhur in Switzerland) and Lyceum Alpinum School from Zuoz in Switzerland.

Depending on conditions the matches will be 20 to 25 overs a side with a maximum of 8 overs per bowler, played on a pitch which is a couple of mats rolled on to a flattened part of the ice.  Hot food including soup, no doubt a welcome boon to the players, will be available and deck chairs will be provided for the spectators, who may wish to sip a glass of champagne

Players who have participated in the past include former England captain David Gower who a few years ago parked his car beyond the boundary, unfortunately the lake was not frozen enough to support its weight and it sank slowly to the depths

Further information can be found on the tournament Web Site