Most Fours in an Innings
All Matches, All Grades, Ireland, 26-Jul-1983 to 29-May-2019
# Name Club Date Opposition Ground Grade Fours
1 CNIM Joyce Ireland 17-Aug-2014 Scotland Women Rugby School Ground 1 T20 21
2 CMA Shillington Ireland 23-Jul-2013 Japan Women The Hills CC T20 13
3 KN Young Ireland 27-Jul-2000 Pakistan Women Sydney Parade, Dublin ODI 12
4 CNIM Joyce Ireland 10-Oct-2010 Netherlands Women NW Univ 1 Potchefstroom ODI 12
5 SA Owens Ireland 29-Jul-1983 Young Netherlands Wo Maarschalkerweerd Utrech One day 12
6 CMA Shillington Ireland 09-Sep-2012 Netherlands Women East Grinstead CC One day 12
7 CMA Shillington Ireland 25-Jul-2013 Canada Women Anglesea Road Dublin T20 12
8 IMHC Joyce Ireland 11-Aug-2016 South Africa Women The Vineyard Dublin ODI 12
9 CMA Shillington Ireland 02-Aug-2017 Scotland Women Forfarshire CC T20 12
10 ME Grealey Ireland 21-Jul-1993 Denmark Women Christchurch College, Ox ODI 11
11 MP Moore Ireland 18-Jul-1990 Denmark Women Ivanhoe, K Muxloe Leics ODI 10
12 ME Grealey Ireland 25-Jul-2000 Pakistan Women Kenure Rush ODI 10
13 IMHC Joyce Ireland 24-Jul-2004 New Zealand Women Anglesea Road Dublin ODI 10
14 N Symmons Ireland 16-Oct-2010 Netherlands Women Witrand, Potchefstroom 2020I 10
15 CNIM Joyce Ireland 17-Nov-2011 Japan Women Shere Bangla Mirpur Dhak One day 10
16 L Delany Ireland 21-May-2017 Zimbabwe Women NW Univ 1 Potchefstroom One day 10
17 SM Kavanagh Ireland 21-May-2017 Zimbabwe Women NW Univ 1 Potchefstroom One day 10
18 GH Lewis Ireland 06-Jun-2018 New Zealand Women Claremont Road Dublin 2020I 10
19 IMHC Joyce Ireland 19-Feb-2008 Scotland Women Stellenbosch Univ. 2 One day 9
20 CMA Shillington Ireland 14-Aug-2005 Scotland Women Ynysangharad Park One day 9
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