Highest Innings Scores
All Matches, Hanley Energy 1-day Ips List A Newstalk 1 Day interprovincial RSA One-day Interprovincials , 06-May-2013 to 26-Aug-2019
# Team Club Date Opposition Ground Grade Result
1 Leinster Lightning Lein 30-May-2016 North West Warriors Strabane Ip1day 332-7 Closed
2 Leinster Lightning Lein 02-Aug-2015 Northern Knights Anglesea Road, Dublin Ip1day 320-10 All Out
3 Leinster Lightning Lein 04-Jun-2017 Northern Knights Belmont, Belfast List A 299-8 Closed
4 Leinster Lightning Lein 25-Apr-2019 Northern Knights La Manga Club List A 294-4 Closed
5 Northern Knights NCU 25-Apr-2019 Leinster Lightning La Manga Club List A 290-8 Closed
6 Leinster Lightning Lein 01-May-2017 North West Warriors Milverton List A 286-10 All Out
7 North West Warriors NW 03-May-2014 Leinster Lightning Milverton Ip1day 285-4 Closed
8 Leinster Lightning Lein 04-Jun-2018 Northern Knights Milverton List A 277-6 Closed
9 Leinster Lightning Lein 01-Jun-2013 North West Warriors The Village, Malahide Ip1day 272-6 Closed
10 Leinster Lightning Lein 23-May-2019 North West Warriors Magheramason, Bready List A 271-5 Closed
11 North West Warriors NW 07-Aug-2016 Northern Knights The Lawn, Waringstown Ip1day 270-10 All Out
12 Northern Knights NCU 24-Apr-2019 North West Warriors La Manga Club List A 265-6 Closed
13 Leinster Lightning Lein 06-May-2013 Northern Knights Milverton Ip1day 260-8 Closed
14 Northern Knights NCU 06-May-2013 Leinster Lightning Milverton Ip1day 259-7 Closed
15 Leinster Lightning Lein 03-May-2014 North West Warriors Milverton Ip1day 254-7 Closed
16 Leinster Lightning Lein 14-Sep-2014 Northern Knights The Lawn, Waringstown Ip1day 254-9 Closed
17 Leinster Lightning Lein 09-Sep-2018 North West Warriors Rathmines, Dublin List A 253-8 Closed
18 Leinster Lightning Lein 31-Jul-2016 Northern Knights Rathmines, Dublin Ip1day 248-6 Closed
19 Northern Knights NCU 31-Jul-2016 Leinster Lightning Rathmines, Dublin Ip1day 246-10 All Out
20 Northern Knights NCU 10-Aug-2013 Leinster Lightning The Lawn, Waringstown Ip1day 246-7 Closed
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