Robert James Hamilton Lambert

Born18 July 1874, Rathmines, Dublin
Died24 March 1956, Rathfarnham, Dublin
EducatedRathmines School, Wesley College, St John's College Preston, Edinburgh University Veterinary School
OccupationVeterinary Surgeon
Debut3 August 1893 v I Zingari at Phoenix Park
Cap Number221
StyleRight-hand bat, right arm off spin
TeamsLeinster, RH Lambert's XI, Leith Caledonian, Woodbrook, Stedalt, Free Foresters, London County
HistoryBob Lambert was a batsman without frills. Lofted straight drives and vicious hooks, brought him the bulk of his 101 hundreds (see list below) and upwards of 37000 runs. Bowling, his keynote was accuracy, born out of hours of early morning practice on the Leinster ground. He delivered his big off breaks from a two pace run, extracting lift and turn from the blandest of surfaces, dismissing around 3700 batsmen. He first played senior cricket for Leinster in 1889, and the following year hit a brilliant 89* v Laytown, which attracted high praise from the Irish Field. He had a spectacular start to his Irish career in 1893, but really burst on the Irish domestic scene in 1895 with 2040 runs and 209 wickets, figures he rivalled the next season amassing 2231 runs at 67.10 and snaring 202 wickets at 10.00. In all he missed the double only three times before 1914, scored 86 centuries, dominating Irish cricket.

His batting performances are legion - amongst the best was a 125 minutes 248* against Fitzwilliam in 1895, a season which saw him hit 6 hundreds. Several half seasons in Scotland, while a veterinary student, saw a further 3 hundreds, the highest 202* for Leith Caledonian v Dunfermline in 1896. His career highest was 256 v Co Kildare at Rathmines in 1906, destroying the "Old Reliable" Bill Harrington. His bowling also attracted the crowds, often for the Vice Regal XI, against I Zingari, but he took 5 hat tricks in his career including one in an 8-35 spell for Leinster v Surrey C&G at the Oval.

Bob played only a limited amount of cricket during the War years though he did organise his own XI to meet the Military of Ireland in three two-day charity matches, the first in July 1916, and the in the same month of the following two years. In 1916, on a College Park ground totally unsuitable for serious cricket as cavalry horses had been grazed there during the Easter Rising and it had been used for other military purposes prior to that, Bob - in company with most of his team- mates - failed against the off spin of future England all rounder Ewart Astill, but with figures of 3-13 and 3-24, he showed that he retained all his skills as an off spinner. However this was not enough to prevent a narrow Military victory. The 1917 and 1918 matches were both played on Bob's "home turf" at Observatory Lane, his performances matching the venue. In the former year he hit a typically rumbustious 67, helping his side to a total of 297 which proved more than enough to set up an innings victory. In the latter year he excelled with the ball, his big off breaks gaining him match figures of 12-124 with 8-50 in the first innings. The match, however ended in a draw, not least because of a fine innings from the future Lancashire stalwart Charlie Hallows.

His Irish debut was v IZ in 1893 when he hit an undefeated 51. However later that year, on tour, he struck a remarkable 116 v WH Laverton's XI at Westbury. He batted with a runner and did not field during the match. This was the first of his 101 tons. He hit a beautiful hundred v Cambridge at Rathmines in 1904, but his best innings for Ireland is often seen as his 116* against the Philadelphians in 1908, even though Bart King, having just destroyed Ireland in the first match of a double header, played only as a batsman.

Bob took part in 10 century stands for Ireland, the best a 3rd wicket 170 with Tim O'Brien at Oxford in 1902, was an Irish record for 92 years. His unfinished 127 with Jack Crawfurd v Military of Ireland in 1921, ended tragically when gunmen fired on the match killing a young woman spectator. Bob scored 1954 runs and took 173 wickets for Ireland, thus becoming the first Irish player to reach the international double. He had 12 "5 fors" and took 10 in a match 4 times. He did the match double against Philadelphia in 1908, but his best performance was against Scotland in College Park in 1910. Ireland was destroyed by the leg spin of JH Bruce-Lockhart, but Bob with match figures of 14.3-6-14-11 ensured a home victory. However his most remarkable performance was, perhaps, in his last match against MCC at Rathmines in 1931, when he was 56. Playing as a late replacement, he bowled 27 overs unchanged and had overall figures of 32-2-102-4. He captained Ireland 13 times, winning four matches. His total runs and wickets shown here do not include the 12-a-side match v I Zingari in 1906 in which he scored 25 and 16 besides taking 6 wickets. His Irish performances also brought him a game for London County in 1903, he made 46* and 38. WG Grace thought his play "perfection."

League Cricket came to Dublin in 1919, when he was 44. He still contrived to reach 3277 runs, highest score 153* v Dublin University (1921) and take 329 wickets, captaining Leinster until his retirement in 1934. He was the first to 1000, 2000, and 3000 League runs. In 1921, he averaged 217.33. In all he scored 8 hundreds, and took 32 five fors", besides ten in a match 3 times. His figures included 9-35 v Phoenix (1919), 8-8 v Railway Union (1924), and as late as 1929, 6-24 v Clontarf including a hat trick.

His hundredth 100, came v Halverstown at Rathmines in 1931, including two 6s and twenty 4s. One last hundred followed the next season. Besides his brother Sep, and sons Drummond and Ham, all Irish players, another brother William, and another son Tom, also played for Leinster. A sister played badminton for Ireland as did Bob, who was ICU President three times. On that memorable day against Halverstown, as ball after ball crossed the boundary, one fed up bowler announced to his team mates, "This bloody Lambert just won't quit" Nor did he, as long as he had a bat in his hands or a ball between his fingers.

Edward Liddle, April 2007, updated November 2018

His obituary is in Wisden 1957 and he is profiled in Siggins and Fitzgerald Ireland's 100 Cricket Greats.

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RJH Lambert's 101 Centuries

1 115 Ireland v WH Laverton's XI
2 104* Leinster v Doyley Carte
3 248* Leinster v Fitzwilliam
4 115* Leinster v Doyley Carte
5 108* Leinster v Addleston
6 170* Stedalt v Lord Louth's XI
7 101* Lumley's XI v Fettes
8 102* FH Browning's XI v Dublin University
9 202* Leith Caledonian v Dunfermline
10 103 Leinster v Dublin University
11 122* Stedalt v Co Meath
12 111 Leinster v Doyley Carte
13 108 Leinster v Dundrum
14 103 Leinster v Streatham
15 105* Leith Caledonian v Juniors
16 135* Leinster v Pembroke
17 122 Leinster v Blackrock College
18 189* Leinster v Curragh Brigade
19 178* Leinster v Phoenix
20 100 Leinster v Enfield
21 127* Eastmans v Co Meath
22 103* Stedaltv Louth
23 107 Leinster v Civil Service
24 158* Leinster v Athy
25 158* Leinster v Bedfordshire Regiment
26 143* Leinster v Dundrum
27 163* Leinster v Pembroke
28 118* Leinster v Dundrum
29 136* Leinster v Civil Service
30 148 Leinster v Blackrock College
31 160 Leinster v Pembroke
32 101 Leinster v Cork County
33 218 Leinster v Dublin Garrison
34 157 Leinster v Blackrock College
35 158 Leinster v Junior League
36 226* Leinster v Co Wicklow
37 105 Leinster v Co Kildare
38 120* Leinster v Devon and Somerset Wanderers
39 102 Leinster v Co Kildare
40 104 Leinster v Dublin Garrison
41 175* Leinster v Blackrock College
42 100 Ireland v Cambridge University
43 195* Leinster v Dublin University Long Vacation XI
44 103 Leinster v Civil Service
45 256* Leinster v Co Kildare
46 130 Leinster v Dublin University
47 120 Leinster v Co Kildare
48 176* Leinster v Co Wicklow
49 104 Leinster v Co Kildare
50 137* Leinster v Blackrock College
51 147* Leinster v Dublin Garrison
52 104 Leinster v Pembroke
53 175 Leinster v Curragh Brigade
54 131 Leinster v Phoenix
55 218* Leinster v Dublin Garrison
56 246 Leinster v Exmouth
57 145* Leinster v Co Wicklow
58 116* Leinster v Junior League
59 131 Leinster v Co Wicklow
60 100 Leinster v Frogs
61 166* Leinster v Worcestershire Regiment
62 151 Leinster v Pembroke
63 180* Woodbrook v Rapparees
64 103 Leinster v Curragh Brigade
65 109 Leinster v Curragh Brigade
66 133 Leinster v Woodbrook
67 148 Leinster v Pembroke
68 116* Ireland v Philadelphia
69 148 Leinster v Blackrock College
70 140* Leinster v King's County
71 174* Leinster v Free Foresters
72 138 Leinster v Wiltshire Regiment
73 116 Leinster v Blackrock College
74 139 Leinster v Toronto Zingari
75 203* Leinster v Civil Service
76 107 Leinster v Co Wicklow
77 170 Leinster v Phoenix
78 103* Ireland v Scotland
79 168 Leinster v Pembroke
80 116* Leinster v Civil Service
81 132* Leinster v Co Wicklow
82 104* Leinster v Curragh Brigade
83 147* Leinster v United Services
84 154 Leinster v Devon Dumplings
85 114 Leinster v Pembroke
86 157* Leinster v Pembroke
87 123* Leinster v Railway Union
88 102* Leinster v Worcester Regiment
89 100 Leinster v Railway Union
90 118 Leinster v University College
91 153* Leinster v Dublin University
92 112* Leinster v South Lancs. Regiment
93 123* Leinster v Railway Union
94 127* Leinster v Railway Union
95 124* Leinster v United Services
96 107* Leinster v Phoenix
97 104 Leinster v Phoenix
98 106* Leinster v Grange Gorman
99 102 Leinster v The Curragh
100 144 Leinster v Halverstown
101 138 Colonel Davies XI v Castle Park School