• Scorecard 1st-2nd: Afghanistan beat Jersey by 2 wickets.
    Grainville, 31 May.
  • Scorecard 3rd-4th: Nepal beat USA by 98 runs.
    Farmers CC, 31 May.
  • Scorecard 5th-6th: Singapore beat Botswana by 15 runs.
    FB Fields, 31 May.
  • Scorecard 7th-8th: Germany beat Mozambique by 2 wickets.
    FB Fields, 31 May.
  • Scorecard 9th-10th: Norway beat Japan by 7 wickets.
    Les Quennevais 1, 31 May.
  • Scorecard 11th-12th: Bahamas beat Vanuatu by 6 wickets.
    Les Quennevais 2, 31 May.
1st-4th Place.
  • Scorecard Afghanistan beat Nepal by 37 runs.
    Grainville, 30 May.
  • Scorecard Jersey beat USA by 84 runs.
    FB Fields, 30 May.
5th-8th Place.
  • Scorecard Botswana beat Germany by 10 runs.
    Les Quennevais 1, 30 May.
  • Scorecard Singapore beat Mozambique by 54 runs.
    Les Quennevais 2, 30 May.
9th-12th Place.
  • Scorecard Japan beat Vanuatu by 99 runs.
    Victoria College, 30 May.
  • Scorecard Norway beat Bahamas by 52 runs.
    FArmers CC, 30 May.
Group A
              P   W   T  NR   L   Pts    NRR
Nepal         5   4   0   1   0     9   3.04
USA           5   4   0   1   0     9   2.10
Germany       5   3   0   0   2     6  -0.67   
Mozambique    5   1   0   1   3     3  -2.15
Norway        5   1   0   0   4     2  -0.54  
Vanuatu       5   0   0   1   4     1  -3.52
  • Scorecard Germany lost to Nepal by 7 wickets.
    Les Quennevais 1, 23 May.
  • Scorecard Norway beat Vanuatu by 183 runs.
    FB Fields, 23 May.
  • Scorecard Mozambique lost to USA by 9 wickets.
    Farmers CC, 23 May.
  • Scorecard Norway v USA - match abandoned.
    Victoria College, 24 May.
  • Scorecard Mozambique v Nepal - match abandoned.
    Grainville, 24 May.
  • Scorecard Germany beat Vanuatu by 6 wickets.
    Farmers CC, 24 May.
  • Scorecard USA beat Norway by 10 wickets.
    Farmers CC, 25 May.
  • Scorecard Nepal beat Mozambique by 219 runs.
    Grainville, 25 May.
  • Scorecard Germany beat Mozambique by 7 wickets.
    Victoria College, 26 May.
  • Scorecard Nepal beat Norway by 108 runs.
    Farmers CC, 26 May.
  • Scorecard USA beat Vanuatu by 7 wickets.
    Grainville, 26 May.
  • Scorecard Nepal beat Vanuatu by 137 runs.
    Victoria College, 27 May.
  • Scorecard USA beat Germany by 6 wickets.
    Grainville, 27 May.
  • Scorecard Mozambique beat Norway by 3 wickets.
    Les Quennevais 1, 27 May.
  • Scorecard Mozambique v Vanuatu - no result.
    FB Fields, 29 May.
  • Scorecard Nepal v USA - no result.
    Farmers CC, 29 May.
  • Scorecard Germany beat Norway by 6 wickets.
    Les Quennevais 2, 29 May.
Group B
              P   W   T  NR   L   Pts    NRR
Jersey        5   4   0   1   0     9   2.46
Afghanistan   5   3   0   1   1     7   1.63
Singapore     5   3   0   1   1     7   0.24
Botswana      5   1   0   1   3     3  -0.75
Japan         5   0   1   1   3     2  -1.35    
Bahamas       5   0   1   1   3     2  -2.65
  • Scorecard Bahamas lost to Botswana by 70 runs.
    Les Quennevais 2, 23 May.
  • Scorecard Afghanistan beat Japan by 92 runs.
    Victoria College, 23 May.
  • Scorecard Jersey beat Singapore by 93 runs.
    Grainville, 23 May.
  • Afghanistan v Bahamas - match abandoned. [Scorecard]
    Les Quennevais 1, 24 May.
  • Scorecard Japan v Jersey - match abandoned.
    Les Quennevais 2, 24 May.
  • Scorecard Botswana v Singapore - match abandoned.
    FB Fields, 24 May.
  • Scorecard Jersey beat Japan by 8 wickets.
    Les Quennevais 2, 25 May.
  • Scorecard Singapore beat Botswana by 3 wickets.
    FB Fields, 25 May.
  • Scorecard Afghanistan beat Bahamas by 5 wickets.
    Les Quennevais 1, 25 May.
  • Japan v Singapore - no play.
    Les Quevennais 1, 26 May.
  • Scorecard Jersey beat Bahamas by 128 runs.
    FB Fields, 26 May.
  • Scorecard Afghanistan beat Botswana by 7 wickets.
    Les Quevennais 2, 26 May.
  • Scorecard Jersey beat Botswana by 7 wickets.
    Farmers CC, 27 May.
  • Scorecard Singapore beat Afghanistan by 69 runs.
    FB Fields, 27 May.
  • Scorecard Bahamas tied with Japan.
    Les Quevennais 2, 27 May.
  • Afghanistan v Jersey - no result.
    Grainville, 28 May.
  • Bahamas v Singapore - no result.
    Victoria College, 28 May.
  • Botswana v Japan - no result.
    Farmers Field, 28 May.
  • Scorecard Singapore baet Japan by 52 runs (DL).
    Victoria College, 29 May.
Reports & Articles
Afghanistan win a thrilling final
Afghanistan overcame home side Jersey in a dramatic two-wicket win in the final.
Jersey too strong in all departments for USA
Jersey secured their place in Saturday's final with a magnificent 84-run victory over the USA.
Botswana and Singapore to battle it out for fifth place
Botswana set up a 5th/6th place final with Singapore after a dramatic victory over Germany.
Afghanistan and Jersey move on to WCL Division 4
Afghanistan and Jersey completed famous victories over highly rated opposition to seal their places in the ICC World Cricket League Division 4 in Tanzania.
Semi-final line up is decided
The final four from the 12 teams that started the event are hosts Jersey, the USA, Nepal and Afghanistan.
Rain the only winner
All of Wednesday's matches were abandoned due to torrential and persistent rain.
Singapore produce shock of the tournament
On a day that produced a tie and a first victory for Mozambique, Singapore stunned Afghanistan with a 69-run victory.
Nepal prove too strong for Norway
Nepal's 108-run victory virtually guaranteed them a place in Friday's semi-finals.
Jersey's winning run continues
A fantastic innings of 92 from Jersey's Ryan Driver helped his side maintain their winning streak, while Nepal, Afghanistan, Germany and USA also recorded wins on Monday.
Norway crumble against USA pace
USA remain on course for the semi-finals with a ten-wicket victory.
All ten wickets for Nepal's Mahaboob Alam
The left-arm seamer bowls Mozambique out for 19 in an historic performance.
Sunday roundup
Wins for Nepal, Afghanistan, Singapore, Jersey and USA in Sunday's five replayed matches.
Rain the winner over USA and Norway
Saturday's big Group A match between the USA and Norway was abandoned after 21 overs had been bowled.
Germany is the only winner in Jersey rain
Ehsan Latif was the hero of a rain-affected day as he helped Germany to a six wickets win over Vanuatu.
Seam tells after Jersey in a spin
Tournament hosts Jersey got away to a great start on the opening day with a crushing 93-run win over Singapore.
Favourites get off to winning start
Tournament favourites Afghanistan, Nepal and USA enjoyed comprehensive victories on the opening day.
12 players to watch
On the eve of the tournament, we look at one of the leading players from each of the participating nations.
The dawn of a new era for Afghan sport
A preview of the prospects for Afghanistan and the other five teams in Group B.
Massiah predicts USA's second coming
A preview of the prospects for the six countries in Group A.
Nepal to reach the World Cup in next decade
So says Tanka Prasad Paneru, General Secretary of the Cricket Association of Nepal.
Cricket in Mozambique
Dipanakar SenGupta from the MCF discusses the rise in popularity of cricket in his country.
Singapore whitewashes Malaysia
Singapore have won the Stan Nagaiah Trophy by beating Malaysia 3-0 in the one-day series.
Japan ready for WCL challenge
We talk to Alex Miyaji who not only heads up Japanese cricket but is also a key player in their side.
Vanuatu crashes to series defeat
Vanuatu's preparations suffered a blow as they lost 2-0 to Fiji in a three-match one-day series.
Norway dreams of increasing popularity of the game
Shahbaz Tariq, General Secretary of Norwegian Cricket, outlines his hopes of making cricket more popular among local people.
Jersey excited about big event
Chris Minty, Director of Cricket for the Jersey Cricket Board, looks ahead to next week's event.
Jersey makes its stamp on World Cricket
Jersey Post is celebrating the hosting of the World Cricket League Division 5 Tournament by issuing a set of stamps to mark the occasion.
Countdown to ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 begins
12 countries shape up for the World Cricket League Division 5 tournament in Jersey.
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