P   W   L  Pts
Norway		    4	4   0	8
Croatia		    4	2   2	4
Austria		    4	2   2	4
Slovenia	    4	1   3	2
Finland		    4	1   3	2
  • Scorecard Austria 215-4 beat Slovenia 146 by 69 runs
  • Scorecard Finland 199-6 beat Croatia 189-7 by 3 wickets
  • Scorecard Austria 130-4 lost to Norway 132-3 by 7 wickets
  • Scorecard Slovenia 206-6 beat Finland 164 by 42 runs
  • Scorecard Norway 261-8 beat Croatia 144 by 117 runs
  • Scorecard Finland 97 lost to Austria 98-3 by 7 wickets
  • Scorecard Croatia 222-1 beat Austria 220-8 by 2 runs
  • Scorecard Slovenia 173-7 lost to Norway 174-4 by 6 wickets
  • Scorecard Norway 288-5 beat Finland 148-7 by 140 runs
  • Scorecard Croatia 207-4 beat Slovenia 202-8 by 5 runs
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  • Austria
    • Andrew Simpson-Parker (34)
      RHB. The mainstay of the batting. Will be looking to dominate the bowling early on in his innings.
    • Tim Hind (38)
      RHB. Attacking middle order batsman. A useful all-rounder with gentle in-swing medium pace.
    • Lukas Haider (20)
      Wicketkeeper. Burst onto the scene in 1997 at the ECC Trophy in Switzerland. A very good pair of hands and typically aggressive wicketkeeping style.
    • Benji Loader (20)
      RHB, offspin. Bowler of the Tournament at the last ECC Trophy in Greece. Developing his control well, and good variation. Also an attacking middle-order batsman.
    • Michael Nedoma (32)
      RHB. A regular member of the National Team. Technically good batsman who has recently developed an attacking style.
    • Werner Schnabl (32)
      RHB, medium pace. Back in the squad, will be looking to consolidate his team place. A useful all-rounder who can score quick runs lower down the order.
    • Thomas Grabetz (33)
      RHB, medium pace. A regular member of the National Team. All-round fielding skills, a good partnership builder lower down the order and useful partnership breaker with the ball.
    • Farrakh Malik (19)
      RHB, medium pace. Has developed into a new-ball bowler with great penetration and nagging line. An explosive hitter down the order.
    • Ashwani Khanna (30)
      RHB, fast medium. An attacking bowler who has always performed well for the National Team. Can also open the batting if required.
    • Erwin Grasinger (20)
      LHB. Talented strokemaker in the middle order and Austria`s best fielder.
    • Raza Aqif (35)
      RHB, Fast. A dependable allrounder with a devastating quick ball. Fire-power in the middle order and a good tactician.
    • Marco Celeghin (28)
      RHB, Left arm fast. Austria's opening bowler for several years now. Good line and edge-taking outswingers have brought him success in almost every match.
    • Robert Sturm (24)
      LHB. A stylish batsman and exciting outfielder. A prominent member of the Indoor Squad.
  • Croatia
  • Finland
  • Norway
  • Slovenia
    • Damir Alidzanovic
      Right-arm medium bowler. Capable of producing devastatingly unplayable bounce and swing, or 12-ball overs. Elegant stance.
      Favourite shot: playing and missing.
    • Urban Blaznik
      Right-arm medium bowler. Effective if ungainly bowler who always seems to get among the wickets. Big throw from the boundary.
      Favourite shot: front foot drive, whatever the delivery.
    • Greg Davies
      Wicket-keeper and batsman. Graceful, athletic cricketer admired and respected by his team-mates (in his dreams).
      Favourite shot: 9 iron hoik across the line.
    • Brad Eve
      Right-arm fast bowler. Very mean ñ always targets one of the opposition as "mine". And usually gets him. Accomplished dispatcher of Fray Bentos bowling.
      Favourite shot: graceful pirouette to hook a six (or get bowled on leg stump).
    • Steve Fish
      Right-arm medium bowler. Always bowls a couple of good deliveries in every match. Excellent fielder with safe hands, though usually chooses to catch one-handed.
      Favourite shot: premeditated dance down the wicket.
    • Scott Geldart
      Opening batsman and slow-medium right-arm bowler. Combative, well-rounded cricketer and accomplished sledger. Builds his innings cautiously.
      Favourite shot: late cut.
    • Daniel Herakovic
      Recently converted to cricket from ice hockey. Determined to hold onto a catch, one day.
      Favourite shot: wahay!
    • Mark Oman Fast bowler. Highly competitive Australian Slovene. Likes to soften up the opposing batsmen. Very tough to dislodge from the crease.
      Favourite shot: forward defensive prod, no run.
    • Dan Ryan Left-arm medium quickie. Complains, with some justification, of being the most "dropped" bowler in Slovenia. Big-swinging, big-hitting batsman who scores quickly if he can stay at the crease.
      Favourite shot: full toss lobbed straight to nearest fielder.
    • Joel Smith Off-spinner. Accurate slow bowler and good close fielder. A reluctant but sometimes effective cricketer.
      Favourite shot: prefers not to bat.
    • Paul Townend Batsman. Stylish late-order batsman, despite his Yorkshire origins. Occasionally allowed to bowl.
      Favourite shot: straight drive.
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