The View: CricketEurope Columns
The Andrew NIxon Column: 24 October ZZZZ3:30 amZZZZ
Looking at the performance of the associate sides in the T20 World Cup and what is to come for Scotland & Namibia. Also a round up of recent regional qualifiers.
The Andrew Nixon Column: 17 October ZZZZ2:36 amZZZZ
Looking ahead to a busy period of international cricket, and back at some recent action.
The Andrew Nixon Column: 5 September ZZZZ2:22 amZZZZ
Qualification in the time of Covid, more on the European women's qualifier and an international round-up.
The Andrew Nixon Column: 29 August ZZZZ2:52 amZZZZ
Issues raised by the ongoing European qualifier for the Women's T20 World Cup, answering a question from last week and an international round-up.
The Andrew Nixon Column: 22 August ZZZZ4:54 amZZZZ
Proper cricket and an international round-up.
The Andrew Nixon Column: 8 August ZZZZ3:57 amZZZZ
Paras Khadka's retirement and news from the USA.
The Andrew Nixon Column: 25 July ZZZZ2:49 amZZZZ
Cricket and the Olympics, thoughts on the Hundred and Sandeep Lamichhane missing out again.
The Andrew Nixon Column: 18 July ZZZZ3:42 amZZZZ
Minor League Cricket, the controversy in Malta and Germany's winning run.
The Andrew Nixon Column: 4 July ZZZZ3:44 amZZZZ
Associate players in franchise cricket, the World Cup Super League, more internationals on the way in Europe and whatever happened to the Global T20?
The Andrew Nixon Column: 20 June ZZZZ3:29 amZZZZ
The Intercontinental Cup, time wasting and a feeling of normality.
The Andrew Nixon Column: 6 June ZZZZ3:21 amZZZZ
World Cup expansion - the good, the bad and the unknown.
The Andrew Nixon Column: 30 May ZZZZ2:19 amZZZZ
Mandatory release, dead rubbers, resources in local languages and rivalries resuming.
The Andrew Nixon Column: 23 May ZZZZ1:46 amZZZZ
Common sense scheduling, Netherlands v Scotland and Major League Cricket.
The Andrew Nixon Column: 16 May ZZZZ5:11 amZZZZ
Possible T20 World Cup expansion and return of the Intercontinental Cup, bamboo bats and looking forward to some international cricket.
Barry Chambers Column: 11 May ZZZZ2:46 amZZZZ
Eric Clapton, Finnish snipers, Kawasaki bikes, Divine intervention, age is just a number, generation game, family matters, and it's good to talk, but don't engage.
The Andrew Nixon Column: 9 May ZZZZ1:34 amZZZZ
Covid cancellations - actual and possible - and postponements, but some cricket remains.
Deryck Vincent's Cricket Week: 6 May ZZZZ4:32 amZZZZ
Since I no longer play, coach nor administer the game of cricket, I am a bit of a sideline observer these days, an outsider looking in.
The Barry Chambers Column: 7 May ZZZZ2:43 amZZZZ
Down With This Sort Of Thing. Father Ted marketing ploys, food of the Gods, The Royle Family, fruits of the forbidden tree. My take on the interprovincial at Eglinton.
The Andrew Nixon Column: 2 May ZZZZ12:21 amZZZZ
A deep dive into possible formats for a future 16 team World Cup.
The Barry Chambers Column: 28 April ZZZZ12:45 amZZZZ
The oldest swinger in town, teaching old dogs new tricks, identity crisis, Mike Gatting and Fifteen-to-one.
The Andrew Nixon Column: 25 April ZZZZ3:04 amZZZZ
The European Super League, how many balls in an over, more on Olympic cricket and the Nepal tri-series.
The Barry Chambers Column: 21 April ZZZZ3:26 amZZZZ
A bridge too far, battle for hearts and minds, new stadium on the horizon, record year for the website plus good wishes to umpiring guru Paddy O'Hara.
The Andrew Nixon Column: 18 April ZZZZ3:20 amZZZZ
The language of cricket, the Hundred and its American predecessor, and a chance of Olympic cricket.
The Barry Chambers Column: 14 April ZZZZ2:22 amZZZZ
Cricket Ireland are going to spend, spend spend. Getting more kids to play. Cunning plans, plus how to achieve real inclusion and diversity.
The Andrew Nixon Column: 11 April ZZZZ5:56 amZZZZ
The associate inferiority complex, actual cricket taking place, associates on TV, Canadian season at risk?
The Barry Chambers Column: 7 April ZZZZ3:31 amZZZZ
Grounds for concern and optimism; senior and youth interpro news; kids' play; disappearance of the lefthanders; women's international prospects.
The Andrew Nixon Column: 4 April ZZZZ4:03 amZZZZ
Giving Test status to a team that doesn't exist, USA franchise league, World Cup expansion and ODIs in Spain.
The Barry Chambers Column: 31 March ZZZZ9:05 amZZZZ
Lots and lots of government money for Cricket Ireland to spend. Can Cricket Ireland justify all those cars? A new chairman to replace Ross McCollum. Commonwealth Games presents opportunity to promote women's cricket in Northern Ireland.
The Andrew Nixon Column: 28 March ZZZZ3:19 amZZZZ
Associate overseas players in county cricket, covid cancellations and cricket's intersection with baseball.
The Barry Chambers Column: 24 March ZZZZ4:52 amZZZZ
The Warriors go down a new path, the possibility of Test matches, the new domestic season, competition among the keepers, and the Wolves have been at the door.
The Andrew Nixon Column: 21 March ZZZZ4:48 amZZZZ
Missing the Intercontinental Cup, the Dwayne Leverock catch, UAE player bans and US cricket administration.
The Barry Chambers Column: 17 March ZZZZ3:46 amZZZZ
The disappointment of the Wolves' performance in Bangladesh, still no matches for Ireland's Women, and St Patrick's Day remembered.
The Andrew Nixon Column: 14 March ZZZZ3:50 amZZZZ
Women's world cup expansion, the Auty Cup and the T10 format.
The Barry Chambers Column: 8 March ZZZZ3:20 amZZZZ
A new chairman for Cricket Ireland, fixtures for Ireland's women, runs Down Under, the problems at Abbotstown, a new book on Irish cricket, and the approach of the new season.
The Andrew Nixon Column: 7 March ZZZZ2:50 amZZZZ
The spectre of Covid, USA Under-19 championship, Everest Premier League and the return of Switzerland.
The Barry Chambers Column: 3 March ZZZZ3:12 amZZZZ
The CI awards, ten years on from Bangalore, Ireland's women to play again, a chastening experience for the Wolves, setbacks at Abbotstown.
The Barry Chambers Column: 22 February ZZZZ4:58 amZZZZ
Interpro movement; the Emerging Interpros; women are still waiting, Cricket Ireland staffing issues, and the absence of progress on a national stadium.
The Barry Chambers Column: 15 February ZZZZ3:50 amZZZZ
Cricket Ireland's interprovincial proposals mean there will be no equal distribution of talent, with Leinster Lightning keeping their almost exclusively international squad.
The Barry Chambers Column: 8 February ZZZZ2:43 amZZZZ
Interpro revamp to be unveiled; Irish And National Cups in 2021; Wolves ready to bay.
The Barry Chambers Column: 27 January ZZZZ3:52 amZZZZ
What we learned from Abu Dhabi; Big Roy; the irish Cup and women's international cricket.
The Barry Chambers Column: 13 January ZZZZ4:38 amZZZZ
New year, old problems; pastures new; good news; here come the girls; welcome to the world.