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NCU League 1 2023
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22 April Armagh v Belfast (The Mall)
22 April Donacloney Mill v Ballymena (Factory Ground)
22 April Dundrum v Templepatrick (The Meadow)
22 April Laurelvale v Cregagh (Laurelvale)
22 April Saintfield v Muckamore (The Demesne)
29 April Cregagh v Donacloney Mill (Cregagh Memorial)
29 April Dundrum v Armagh (The Meadow)
29 April Laurelvale v Ballymena (Laurelvale)
29 April Muckamore v Belfast (Moylena)
29 April Saintfield v Templepatrick (The Demesne)
1 May Armagh v Cregagh (The Mall)
1 May Ballymena v Dundrum (Eaton Park)
1 May Belfast v Saintfield (Mallusk)
1 May Donacloney Mill v Muckamore (Factory Ground)
1 May Laurelvale v Templepatrick (Laurelvale)
13 May Belfast v Laurelvale (Mallusk)
13 May Cregagh v Dundrum (Cregagh Memorial)
13 May Donacloney Mill v Saintfield (Factory Ground)
13 May Muckamore v Armagh (Moylena)
13 May Templepatrick v Ballymena (The Cloghan)
3 June Armagh v Laurelvale (The Mall)
3 June Belfast v Ballymena (Mallusk)
3 June Donacloney Mill v Templepatrick (Factory Ground)
3 June Muckamore v Cregagh (Moylena)
3 June Saintfield v Dundrum (The Demesne)
10 June Armagh v Saintfield (The Mall)
10 June Ballymena v Cregagh (Eaton Park)
10 June Dundrum v Muckamore (The Meadow)
10 June Laurelvale v Donacloney Mill (Laurelvale)
10 June Templepatrick v Belfast (The Cloghan)
17 June Ballymena v Muckamore (Eaton Park)
17 June Belfast v Donacloney Mill (Mallusk)
17 June Cregagh v Saintfield (Cregagh Memorial)
17 June Dundrum v Laurelvale (The Meadow)
17 June Templepatrick v Armagh (The Cloghan)
24 June Ballymena v Saintfield (Eaton Park)
24 June Belfast v Dundrum (Mallusk)
24 June Donacloney Mill v Armagh (Factory Ground)
24 June Muckamore v Laurelvale (Moylena)
24 June Templepatrick v Cregagh (The Cloghan)
1 July Armagh v Ballymena (The Mall)
1 July Cregagh v Belfast (Cregagh Memorial)
1 July Donacloney Mill v Dundrum (Factory Ground)
1 July Muckamore v Templepatrick (Moylena)
1 July Saintfield v Laurelvale (The Demesne)
8 July Ballymena v Armagh (Eaton Park)
8 July Belfast v Cregagh (Mallusk)
8 July Dundrum v Donacloney Mill (The Meadow)
8 July Laurelvale v Saintfield (Laurelvale)
8 July Templepatrick v Muckamore (The Cloghan)
15 July Armagh v Dundrum (The Mall)
15 July Ballymena v Laurelvale (Eaton Park)
15 July Belfast v Muckamore (Mallusk)
15 July Donacloney Mill v Cregagh (Factory Ground)
15 July Templepatrick v Saintfield (The Cloghan)
22 July Cregagh v Armagh (Cregagh Memorial)
22 July Dundrum v Ballymena (The Meadow)
22 July Muckamore v Donacloney Mill (Moylena)
22 July Saintfield v Belfast (The Demesne)
22 July Templepatrick v Laurelvale (The Cloghan)
29 July Armagh v Muckamore (The Mall)
29 July Ballymena v Templepatrick (Eaton Park)
29 July Dundrum v Cregagh (The Meadow)
29 July Laurelvale v Belfast (Laurelvale)
29 July Saintfield v Donacloney Mill (The Demesne)
5 August Belfast v Templepatrick (Mallusk)
5 August Cregagh v Ballymena (Cregagh Memorial)
5 August Donacloney Mill v Laurelvale (Factory Ground)
5 August Muckamore v Dundrum (Moylena)
5 August Saintfield v Armagh (The Demesne)
12 August Ballymena v Belfast (Eaton Park)
12 August Cregagh v Muckamore (Cregagh Memorial)
12 August Dundrum v Saintfield (The Meadow)
12 August Laurelvale v Armagh (Laurelvale)
12 August Templepatrick v Donacloney Mill (The Cloghan)
19 August Armagh v Templepatrick (The Mall)
19 August Donacloney Mill v Belfast (Factory Ground)
19 August Laurelvale v Dundrum (Laurelvale)
19 August Muckamore v Ballymena (Moylena)
19 August Saintfield v Cregagh (The Demesne)
26 August Ballymena v Donacloney Mill (Eaton Park)
26 August Belfast v Armagh (Mallusk)
26 August Cregagh v Laurelvale (Cregagh Memorial)
26 August Muckamore v Saintfield (Moylena)
26 August Templepatrick v Dundrum (The Cloghan)
2 September Armagh v Donacloney Mill (The Mall)
2 September Cregagh v Templepatrick (Cregagh Memorial)
2 September Dundrum v Belfast (The Meadow)
2 September Laurelvale v Muckamore (Laurelvale)
2 September Saintfield v Ballymena (The Demesne)
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