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Date: 25/8/2019
Author: Tom G
I understand the yearning for youth, but letís be honest Gary Wilson will stay as the captain and keeper for the qualifiers.

Gareth Delaney, Harry Tector and Tucker are all very talented, but none of them have smashed the door down in this format. Partly due to the lack of opportunity, because of selection and bad weather.

Personally, I feel that T20 is Barry McCarthyís worst format. He still has a big role to play for Ireland in ODIs and Tests, but I probably feel that Kane is better suited for the qualifiers.

Any news on a Wolves tour for this winter?
Date: 25/8/2019
Author: Ryano
Barry is not even on the same dance floor as Tyrone.
Date: 24/8/2019
Author: Ian Muldoon
Re Tom G's T20 selection

I think we need a younger team for T20, and I would bring in Gareth Delany for Simi, and play Lorcan Tucker as an extra batsman rather than play Boyd Rankin. We would still have Craig Young, Tyrone Kane and Mark Adair, plus Shane Getkate and K. O'B for seam bowling, together with George Dockrell, backed up by Gareth Delany and Paul Stirling for spin. These two changes would bring the average age down from 30 to below 28.

Certainly all your players should still be in the national squads, although sometimes in the longer formats. We have lots of other good players in contention too, including Barry McCarthy (a rival for Tyrone Kane's T20 place?) and James Cameron-Dow.

Have we ever had so much strength in depth?

Date: 23/8/2019
Author: Tom G
T20 team and squad something like this...

K O'Brien

Gareth Delaney or Harry Tector

Afraid...for me...can Mulder really be included when he turned down a contract and hasn't been included in any Wolves cricket recently?

As for Greg Thompson, personally, I can't help but feel that selecting him would be a step backwards. However, you can't really argue with his domestic form this season.
Date: 23/8/2019
Author: Matthew

'I am open to offers for election to next years NW committee.'

You realise this means you need to provide your real name D?
Date: 22/8/2019
Author: David Cooke
Re: TD "I would rather the NW come on here and say sorry the weather beat us and for next year I will make sure it doesn't happen again."

Has the NW invested in some kind of weather machine for next year then?

Maybe they could deploy you on the Curryfree mountain and you can chase the clouds away with the hot air you generate here.
Date: 22/8/2019
Author: Curious
BKISC final

Are there any other clubs that come close to bringing through Irish talent as well as the two finalists currently do?

Good to see a trophy being earned rather than bought

Date: 21/8/2019
Author: K. M
Re t20 qualifiers in October.

Still think our best spin options lie in the north. I donít think Simiís Singh is a good enough option with the ball to pick as our frontline spinner so I would go with Mulder who is a proven performer at international level in this format. Heís the only genuine leg spinner we have and was very unlucky the other day and could have easily had balbo and Lorcan both out reasonably cheaply. Time to move forward with a spinner and back him in completely, understand that he didnít have the year he wanted last year but from all reports up north heís bowling well and scoring some very handy runs aswell. Needs to be given another chance to show his worth at international level.

Simi and dockrell both getting on in age now while Mulder still has that on his side, heard he doesnít mind a bit of a scrap on the pitch and is willing to dig in which I think is what the side is looking for!

Ed's Note: George is 27.
Date: 21/8/2019
Author: TD
I think the T20 competition could gain more money for charities by having the T20 competition played in 1 or 2 days.

Select 2 grounds that have 2 pitches such as Bready, Donemana or Ardmore. First matches to start at 10 or 11am with both pitches being used at the same time. Have 16 teams, with premiership and championship draws split to only face a team from your own league. A draw made so that each team plays 2 matches and a points system used to pick the final 2 teams and if this is equal across 3 or 4 teams a super over to be used. The final could be played on both pitches the same night or have the championship and premiership finalists play on the Sunday. Entry fees could raise a lot of money with every teams supporters attending as it would be a lottery of who gets to the final.

I am open to offers for election to next years NW committee. Thanks
Date: 21/8/2019
Author: David Cooke
More comprehensive coverage of Ireland's ODI plans here:
Date: 21/8/2019
Author: conor
Of the overseas born players who have been involved in the interpro this season does anyone know which are, and which aren't, trying to play for Ireland?

I've read Marc Ellison, Ruhan Pretorius, Matt Ford, Murray Commins & Josh Manley seem to be interested/willing to play in the green jersey one day.

Anyone able to shed any light if that's correct and if there are any others currently trying to qualify on residency?
Date: 21/8/2019
Author: Colin Latham
Have thought for quite sometime now a T20 comp for all leagues at either start or end of season leaving a clear run for the 50/40 over league/cups would be the way forward. Play 1 game at weekend and 1 midweek over 2/3 weeks.

Club players who don't want to play 50/40 overs might be tempted back to longer formats and easier to cope with rain early season, (granted we get rain all season) or dark evenings late season with a T20.

I know it is impossible for administrators to cram everything in to an ever increasing fixture list and there is no perfect solution mainly due to our climate but perhaps separating the competitions in this fashion may help?

Date: 21/8/2019
Author: John Glynn
Re: T20 club comps
I would think that these all need to be played and completed well before mid July in years going forward. I would also think that there should be some club T20s played before the 1st IP20s so that firstly the players get some practice before the IP20 comp and also to allow a player who isnt normally in the unions T20 plans a chance to put their hand up for selection.
Date: 21/8/2019
Author: Bencric
T20 team is shaping up and picks itself for me;

Stirling, O'Brien, Delaney, Balbirnie, Getkate, Tucker+, Adair, Singh, Kane, Rankin, Young.

Make Balbo skipper. AMple power hitters. Team bats solidly down to 9. 5 front line seamers, Simi the most economical spinner we have and Delaney/Stirlo in reserve with the ball.

Squad made up with H Tector, Wilson, McCarthy, Dockrell.

That squad would see us qualified!
Date: 20/8/2019
Author: DR
From chatting to people the clubs were indeed told when the games would be played, and when, but this is he morm.
From looking at other commitments it was clear that the NW had little option in what they did, the Donemana v Brigade game needed to be played to find a finalist to go forward to the All Ireland T20 finals which are this weekend, had the NW left them to be played over the weekend the clubs would likely have been missing players such as Andy McBrine, Ross Allen and Ryan MacBeth who were on Warriors teams, that the NW scheduled it between Warriors games shows a thought process of trying to make players available for clubs. Although I personally believe this is a short term scenario at best, with it increasingly likely over the coming seasons that players will become less and less available for clubs if involved with Warriors and/or Ireland.
As for the other final involving Ardmore v Fox Lodge, it has to be said the Nw could have done very little more to get it played, they had the wherewithal to try and find a ground that was playable after Strabane ground was deemed unplayable, that the weather intervened was unfortunate, but given the weather recently it was a credit to Brigade that the ground was even remotely close to being playable.
As for rearranging for a dry day somewhere else, a quick look at Ardmore fixtures shows them involved in the Sam Jeffrey final this weekend, they have a league game on the 31st Aug, are in Dublin on the 1st Sept, have a game vs Fox Lodge on the 7th Sept so potentially if weather goes against them they have four games that may require replays, plus potentially a play off match to decide on promotion if they dont win the league.
If the worst were to happen they could well still be playing cricket 21st/22nd September when taking potential for replays into account
The issue facing the NW is a difficult one, but one they need to broach, and that's is club cricket needs to continue when IP games are being played, and replays I believe need to become a thing of the past, but that looks pretty unlikely if the 8 team league remains.