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Author Message
Date: 20/4/2019
Author: Alan Jeffrey
In Reply to Norbet

Are u for real
Have you NO Understanding of what is going on.
The same could be said for Dublin as it has as many Murders.
Please engage the Grey matter before you make really silly comments on this forum.

This forum is about sport.

Rant over.

Date: 20/4/2019
Author: JA
Thanks for the response Arthur & Ryano.

Good points Arthur, although as someone who left his teenage years behind quite a while ago, I probably don't need to worry so much about point 3!

Ryano- all aspects of my game do need a bit of work, but primarily bowling
Date: 20/4/2019
Author: Dotski_w
Sorry to hear that Bangladesh A won't be visiting this year, no offence to Scotland A.

Given it'd be a month before the U19 World Cup Qualifiers, I hope a few more of the lads in that squad (not just Rock & Garth) get a run out, if it's a genuine "A" side from the Scots there's little point in packing the XI with players with 20 ODIs and a Test under their belts.
Date: 20/4/2019
Author: Ryano
@ JA

Any specific part of your game you wish to address?
Date: 19/4/2019
Author: Ian Muldoon
An excellent set of results. The only problem was that matches finished early, so not everybody had much chance to contribute. I assume Jack Tector played because injury had kept him out of the winter tour. His scoring was such that a decent performance in La Manga should see him in the May Ireland ODI squad. Stephen Doheny is also pushing for senior squad inclusion, even if he and Neil Rock might have to wait a little longer.
I would also like to see Gareth Delany in the T20 team. He hits the ball a long way, and his leg-breaks and googlies pick up regular wickets. Ross Allen benefitted from bowling his full ten overs; I hope he gets more bowling for The Warriors.
I hope there is another Wolves series soon (there is a rumour that the Bangladeshis are returning), and that some academy players get the chance to move up a level. It is all looking good but we could soon be brought back to Earth at Malahide.

Ed's Note: Heard Bangladesh A aren't coming but Wolves playing Bangladesh senior side at The Hills in two weeks on May 5th as part of their 50th celebrations. Think Scotland A coming now in June for a series.
Date: 19/4/2019
Author: Arthur
JA looking 1-2-1 coaching in Dublin:

There would be lots who would take your money I would imagine.

But there are three questions you should ask first:

1 Are you qualified to a level suitable for coaching 1-2-1?
2 Are you insured when conducting a coaching session?
3 Have you been Garda checked and cleared to work with young people?

That should cut down your choices considerably.
Cricket Ireland have a Coach Education department which should have a record of who has been though the system.
Date: 19/4/2019
Author: Rory
>> David East

I heard that the ad for Cricket Ireland looking for a charity partner was the first the old one had heard about it.

It's very sad and shows the short memories around Cricket Ireland these days. I remember back in the 80s and 90s when the Lords Taverners were one of the most important sources of income for the old ICU. Eaten bread and all that.
Date: 19/4/2019
Author: Grapevineyard
Any truth in the rumour that The Hills have secured the services of Adam Coughlan for the league campaign in the second half of the season?
Date: 19/4/2019
Author: SimplySteve
If I knew Holywood CC were struggling I would have offered my services. Currently a student in Belfast over the summer.
Date: 19/4/2019
Author: Brian
So sad to read about the death of former Bready professional Con De Lange.
Sympathies to his family.
Date: 18/4/2019
Author: Norbert
Is Derry a safe place to bring international teams to play cricket? Especially on the 12th?

Ed's Note: Games are in Tyrone.
Date: 18/4/2019
Author: Simon Kinley
Shrude Move by some.
You just have to look at players not committing to a club & waiting to see if their backers will up their rewards.
This is where sport in the North West has been ruined by money.
Date: 18/4/2019
Author: Tom G
Does anyone know if the La Manga games will be live streamed? You'd think it would make sense given the fact that 3 matches will be played on the same ground in quick succession.

A simple 2 camera system (like in county cricket) should be fairly cheap to set up.
Date: 18/4/2019
Author: David East
Just saw that Cricket Ireland were looking for another charity partner. What happened to their current one?
Date: 18/4/2019
Author: Ryano
@John Cahill

You hit the nail on the head righto there with regard to Universal Boss.