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Date: 17/2/2019
Author: Gus Fleming
Ian M (and others)

There is a big difference between a fast bowler ... and a genuine 'quick'

We do not have one ..... but very few (nations) do? We are in the era of the batsman - but the bowlers will be back
Date: 17/2/2019
Author: Imtiaz
I think selectors should have given chance to Kennedy. His bowling economy in t20 Ip is just 4.85. he has a lot of variation also.
Date: 17/2/2019
Author: Tony Moran
Ian M

I am not laughing at your comment about Peter Chase, these players work their socks off, Peter is still improving and will take a couple of seasons to really come good, also IMHO, little should get a Test place this Summer in both games

Stuart Poynter might well have been carrying an injury but make no mistake, he is a top five Batsman in any Ireland team with red or white ball

I think the Test selections will tell us much as to whether we stick with the old guard or intent to go forward

Heads up to Balbo and Stuart Thompson, but keep going, a difficult series coming up and there is stiff competition for places!

Date: 17/2/2019
Author: Mick Jones
We all thought the pitch seemed a bit of 'a road'... but maybe also... 'height and bounce' don't worry T20 batters any more.

Didn't include Stirlo or Tommo (just one match - and how well did they bowl?) but these crude aggregate bowling figures do tell a bit of a story (O >R-W). Didn't include the wides either- I'm sure the bowlers do NOT need that issue explained to them! :)

PC 9.3 > 114 -3
BR 11 > 100 -3
JL 12 > 93 -2
SG 5 > 34 -2
GD 9 > 81 -3
SS 6 > 51 -3
Date: 17/2/2019
Author: Ian M
Laughing at all this discussion around Chase and his fast bowling.

Faster it comes into the bat the faster it disappears into the crowd I reckon.

T20 is more suited to bowlers who have variations, mystery bowlers etc.

Only mystery about Chase and others who bowl fast are uf it will be a 6 or a 4.

Good win for Ireland today.
Date: 17/2/2019
Author: Anton

Ok now we know you’re just trolling from multiple usernames. Cheers

Brilliant T20 game today. Was pure tension seeing the ball sail away but not knowing if it was a catch or a six till he batsman celebrated and the unfortunate bowler fell to his knees.

Fair play to Thompson and Stirling for the brilliant recovery with the ball earlier. Wonder why Thompson didn't bowl out?

Ed's Note: Paul Stirling mentioned he had missed the first two matches with a hamstring niggle so maybe easing him gently back into it.
Date: 17/2/2019
Author: Ryano
Nowhere really left to try Chevy unless he bowls the death overs.
Date: 17/2/2019
Author: David
Peter Chase is not a T20 bowler - end of.
Date: 17/2/2019
Author: Peter A.
That was great. I’d assumed we were dead and buried when Stirling went but people stepped up. Little is blossoming into an excellent talent. I think Chase is great but could do with a wee break to get his mojo back. Shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves though. Suspect we’ll still end up 3rd on the table and rightly so.
Date: 17/2/2019
Author: Harlean Carpenter

As to point 2, which is the one that interests me the most. Firstly, I love the idea that a woman could be considered for the role, as I cant think of many countries who wouldn't want one of the 'old boys' for the job.
As to the non affiliated role, that means bringing in someone from outside Ireland to do the role, surely? They must also be able to have a firm enough nature to make independent decisions, and not just fall for the 'charm' of their (her?) regional advisers.
Why, if it wasn't for the need to be able to travel round the Country (unless a Chauffeur is included?) because I dont drive, I'd nominate myself, lol. As long as the salary included enough to run, and rent a small apartment (I'm 60, and single), give me the chance!
Strong minded, female Irish cricket lover, perfect! Someone put my name forward, lol...
Date: 17/2/2019
Author: Cal
Stuart Poynter take a bow. Sensational finish. Chaser opens the bowling and we win, need I say more? Granted he was expensive today but when he opens we always play better for some reason. I would continue with this winning side and not make any changes. Keep tossing that new ball to Chaser and let him do his thing.

Well done Ireland.
Date: 17/2/2019
Author: Harry
Great stuff Stu but let's not forget Chaser.
Wouldn't have been half as exciting if he hadn't bowled!!
Date: 17/2/2019
Author: burners
Poynter you little beauty! Well played to Thompson and Stirlo bowling as well, Balbirnie showed he was the right choice too,
Date: 16/2/2019
Author: FRE
Forgive my ignorance if I've missed this already.
With what club is James McCollum playing with this season?
Date: 16/2/2019
Author: Pat Cleary
It's about time you took a chill pill. Chaser needs a bit of time in the nets to reassess his t20 plans. He's the quickest we have, but at 85mph max, if he doesn't move it, it's cannon fodder.
You are such a troll. Nothing you say makes sense. Stirlo is better than average. The only time we win is when he fires at the top. There are more underachievers at the top we should be focussing on.
Congrats Shane Getkate! We almost lost him a few years ago but he showed amazing 'heart' and showed his worth. None more deserving