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Date: 22/6/2018
Author: burners
@David Cooke


Cricket Ireland don't want anyone to know there's any cricket on! The chip van's only got 4 cod left.

Ed's Note: Cricket Ireland are scoring the games this year on an app.
Date: 22/6/2018
Author: David Cooke
Does anyone know where you can track a live score on the first class match at Bready today?
Date: 22/6/2018
Author: PC
Re Sony

What is your problem with Ardmore getting a replacement pro? Any club would do the same.
Date: 22/6/2018
Author: Sony
'Rumours about the future of Grant Mokoena at the Bleachgreen are refusing to go away with Neelyís side believed to have already lined up his replacement.'

Ardmore have really lost their ways... All this to remain in a league where there is no monetary rewards? Why spend money for nothing? Crazy the lengths some teams go but those are the teams no one wants to see do well.
Date: 21/6/2018
Author: Brian D
NW Fan - I can't control who has played the past 6 weeks or whatever for whatever reason but yes I did notice. Thanks for making sure. I take it he can never play again NW Fan? The group I named IMO is the most talented right now and McDaid would be there for me. No doubt Gillespie has done well & continues to improve I just think that's the best XI.

Stick your XI on paper and see what changes you'd have?
Date: 21/6/2018
Author: Jason
Looking at recently released FTP the first thing which comes to mind is that the Big 3 strike again. Next weeks 2 T20I games against India is probably the only time they play us in the next 5 years, Australia donít seem bothered and England play us in 5 games including a Test funny thing about England is we get to host them only once in the 5yr period the statement is loud and clear they want the money we bring but itís too big a risk to include us in WCís . Also seems a good time that the format for the next WC is also in all likelihood expected to be a 10 team event while the next time the bottom 5 which is 8-13 play qualifiers for WC alongside Associate members. Afghanistan get to play the Aussies hasnít got much to do with merit itís all about the almighty dollar. In some ways we were lucky to get FM status alongside Afghanistan would have been difficult otherwise although we would have got it 7-8 yrs ago if our population size was as big as theirs.

I hope as Deutrom said we still have space in the calendar for playing other Associates and continue to be vocal for the less fortunate ICC members.

Another important thing is that we will have to develop players who are good at playing spin as most of our games are going to be played on surfaces which suit the slower bowlers if we donít perform well enough people wouldnít mind having a go at our hard earned Test status. Hereís hoping the transition from the golden generation is a smooth one.
Date: 21/6/2018
Author: Matt
Why do the Unions and Cricket Ireland not name the clubs of players selected in their various squads.
It is disrespectful to them. Why not acknowledge the clubs who nurtured and supported them in their career? It's pathetic and a clear indication of just how little the governing bodies care about club cricket throughout Ireland.
Date: 21/6/2018
All roads lead to Mt.Juliet today(Friday) for the JACK & JILL foundation Charity Game between the Leps and a visiting Dutch/Gloucester XI.
"Messers"(!):- Lewis,Dunlop,Molins,McCarthy,Pigot,Dwyer,Leonard,Ogilby,Heavey,Pim & others* will turn out for the Leps.
Tony Wright,Chris Trembath,Martyn Bowyer, Bill Johnson,PJ Bakker,Sly Sleijffers,JJ Esmeijer & Wulf v.Alkemade will backbone the opposition.

*Significant other:- Henry Shefflin.
Date: 21/6/2018
Author: TD
Ref M Gore

Sorry, I am not sure why you are including me as being associated with Ardmore?

Ardmore has better local players than the 2 mercenaries that they have hired recently and have lost their way a bit.

Becoming a bit like Brigade I think!
Date: 21/6/2018
Author: Tony Moran

There is one obvious advantage to playing Test Matches in Countries with better Climates, but I take your point!

What is more worrying is that there is a blackout on media regarding Inter Pro coverage, apart from the App. whether or not this is contrived it needs to be sorted out quickly! we dont want the Inter Pros played in secret to the wider Cricket audience!
CricketEurope coverage has been brilliant over the past few years and ESPN Cricinfo covers real time Cricket from all over the Globe but sadly not domestic 1st class Cricket in Ireland!

I would also like to mention Eoin Morgan for achieving the fastest ever International ODI fifty in the history of the sport, many of us will hope Ireland holds on to its best players in the future!
Date: 21/6/2018
Author: NW fan
Re Brian D

Gillespie has to be in the team the young lad has played very well for the warriors and his attitude is fantastic he will be an Ireland player in the near future.

But you also suggested the A McDaid should be part of the squad, do you even follow Nw cricket lol he hasnít played in the last 6 weeks for whatever reason
Date: 20/6/2018
Author: Mick
The North West batting line up is worryingly poor. I went to watch the game today and very average bowling had us in all sorts of trouble. If this is first class cricket then Irish Cricket is in serious trouble.
Date: 20/6/2018
Author: Dotski_w
If I'm reading it right, our 1st 4 tests vs AFG(3) and ZIM (1) are away. Given our test ranking will be based on results (and ignores venue) this seems a bit reckless?

Sorry to see no home test next year. Surely AFG or Zim could be persuaded to play a one off one?
Date: 19/6/2018
Author: MC
When are the draws for the next rounds of the Irish Senior Cup and National Cup taking place?

Ed's Note: Sometime next week. Tournament Director Simon Dyke is currently on holiday.
Date: 19/6/2018
Author: Fergus Carroll

Leinster Senior 2 Cup Quarter Finals Draw.

Clontarf 2 v Laois,

Merrion 2 v Knockharley

YMCA 2 V North County 2

The Hills 2 v Railway Union 2

To be played on July 1st.