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Date: 7/7/2020
Author: Andy Kennedy
NCU training? I heard a wee whisper that there may have been other, more petty, reasons for the move to Comber unrelated to the standard of Ďfacilitiesí - no mater how CI spin it!
Date: 6/7/2020
Author: OAGC
Off the back of the much needed ireland fixtures announcement I find it interesting to see the NCU cohort are now training at Comber. Is this another example of Cricket Ireland underinvesting in facilities outside of Leinster, and yet again clubs are having to pull them out of a hole at the last minute?? Very strange they arenít using the dedicated Stormont facilities, especially given Gary Wilsonís links with the Civil Service club.

Ed's Note: They were training at Stormont too. Sure there's a good reason for using Comber as well.
Date: 6/7/2020
Author: SN
Did several clubs break lockdown and play games at the weekend?

Ed's Note: Not sure but think inter-club matches allowed? It's hard to know for sure now with all the different countries and regulations.
Date: 4/7/2020
Author: LO
Could somebody from Cricket Ireland please confirm if itís safe to travel to some grounds that cricket Leinster are asking teams to travel. 1 team is 2 1/2 hours journey for most teams and donít have any toilet facilities or running water. Itís crazy to think clubs are being asked to send people there including young players who donít want to go there. Itís completely against what the health authorities are asking us to do as regards hygiene and is sure to be a major problem for all teams being asked to play away there.
Date: 4/7/2020
Author: Mick Byrne
The new Leinster leagues are a disaster for cricket in the province. Numerous players will quit the game as a result of same.
Players being made play in grounds that are not up to standard at the best of times, never mind in the midst of a global pandemic, is disgraceful. No toilets, no showers, no running water, no pavilions , some don't even have a container to shelter in. Why do we bother paying a large sub, providing decent teas, servicing a bar etc. when half our time is going to be spent in complete ***** playing clubs that have no respect for the game as a whole.
Its time Fingal goes its own way below Division 4, and forms localised leagues, that only include clubs with facilities that meet a minimum standard.
This should start this season. The Hills, North County, Malahide, Rush, Ring Commons, Balbriggan should do the decent thing for their members, withdraw from this farce of a competition and form their own leagues immediately. And while they are at it do a deal with the real umpires association to ensure all their games are umpired too.
Date: 3/7/2020
Author: ES
Cricket Leinster Logic: Oblige clubs (quite rightly given the pandemic) to put in place a stringent list of safety and sanitary requirements to be adopted before training can resume. Then, having preached the seriousness of clubs doing all they can to combat the spread of the virus, ask those same clubs to travel to open fields in the countryside, without toilets or running water, to play games. Is it any wonder youths in established clubs are giving up the game??? When is somebody going to openly say that Cricket Leinster needs to decide where its loyalties lie; with the Clubs who provide it with money, facilities and players for its representative teams, and the park clubs in fields who provide it with warm, registered bodies to pad its playing numbers?
Date: 3/7/2020
Author: Dublin Danny
Thanks Bass and George. More a case of the hare eventually catching up to the tortoises? Seriously though, well done to all for getting some sort of a season. Especially when you see what the English are having to contend with. You really have to shake your head sometimes.
Date: 3/7/2020
Author: George Kitteringham
Dublin Danny. Think you were a bit early with your comment.

Date: 3/7/2020
Author: bass20112
Dublin Danny

Leinster league fixtures on website today
Date: 3/7/2020
Author: Dublin Danny
Tortoise and the Hare
Once upon a time there was a Union in Dublin, let us call them Leinster. They were quicker, bigger and better than everyone.
There were two Unions in Ulster, the NW and the NCU. They were slow and never got anything done.
So one summer they had a race to get cricket going. While Leinster raced off and they were just going to be first.
But wait, what has happened? The silence is deafening.
The speedy hare is bogged down in pathways, protocols, blah, blah blah while the two tortoises have green lights and cricket starting on July 17th and 18th.
Who are the slowcoaches now?
Date: 30/6/2020
Author: LF

Euro Slam

Isn't it foolish floating the idea of Euro Slam when all the international series and IPL is in jeopardy this year with no one knows what will happen ?

Get real and don't be wasting people's time..
Date: 29/6/2020
Author: Tony Moran
A good decision to allow cricket in the UK to reopen on 1st August,sadly it has been a total disaster for the UK with 60.000 people perishing according to the office of national statistics
and major breakouts of the virus are still occurring so caution is definitely the best policy!

Completely different situation on the Island of Ireland
much more cohesive and sensible leadership from the devolved and national governments which should allow all sports to recommence much earlier

I am not the greatest fan of selecting teams on the forum but respect peoples views to do it so its really interesting that in 2020 I suspect that apart from four batsmen all selections are up for grabs, competition has never been greater!

Date: 29/6/2020
Author: Wylie McKinty
Another brilliant article from Peter Prendergast.

I can 100% relate to the last paragraph completely.
It is the players and situations I remember vividly from my playing days when talking to friends from my era rather than the runs scored or wickets taken.

Let us hope that CricketEurope has more stories from Peter to re-produce.
Date: 28/6/2020
Author: Peter

Leinster Leagues

When are we expecting the fixtures to be out?

Any ideas anyone?
Date: 27/6/2020
Author: LM
re Daveyboy

sign up for your local traveners team.