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Date: 5/12/2019
Author: Ian Muldoon
Like Tom G, I would have liked to see a place for Tyrone Kane in the squad. Three more winter tours are scheduled, so I expect there will be some rotation of players. In general, it seems a reasonable selection, but playing at Devilís Advocate, here are two shadow squads that I think could give the chosen teams a good run for their money. I am assuming that David Delany and James Shannon are unavailable.
Alternative ODI: J Tector, Doheny, M Cummins, H Tector, Getkate, Rock (wk), Kane, Dockrell, Hume, Cameron-Dow, Little. Reserves Manley, Smale (wk) and S. Thompson.
Alternative T20: J Tector, McCollum (why not?), Doheny, Cummins, Getkate, Rock (wk), S. Thompson, McBrine, Kane, Mulder, Chase. Reserves G Thompson, Tice (wk), Manley.
Date: 5/12/2019
Author: Ian Muldoon
Just a few more bits about Irish cricketers abroad.
Pride of place this week goes to Nikolai Smith, for his 102 not out on debut for Italy in their surprise win over Kenya.
Meanwhile ex Northern Knights batsman Nick Larkin scored 50 and 69 not out for New South Wales in a drawn Sheffield Shield match against Victoria. This makes three successive fifties.
Jacob Mulder scored 21 from 64 balls for South Perth in their latest WACA Grade A match. He also bowled 4 overs for 13 runs. The next day he did not bat in his sideís Premier T20 win, but his 0-19 from 4 overs was the most economical bowling. Good to see him bowling again, but wicketless so far.
Date: 5/12/2019
Author: Tom G
Does anyone have any idea why Tyrone Kane is consistently overlooked for selection?

He's been the stand out white ball bowler in domestic cricket for the last few years and a handy batsmen down the order as well.

The likes of Thompson, Getkate, Little and Young get countless opportunities but Kane barely gets a look in.

In List A matches he averages 25 with the bat (104 strike rate) and 23 with the ball (4.9 economy). In T20s he averages 16 with the bat (141 sr) and 15 with the ball (8.2 econ).

He was also extremely important in the 2 Wolves wins this summer vs Bangladesh and Zimbabwe.

It seems that the budget for a winter Wolves tour has disappeared, so presumably Kane's spending 6 months not playing any cricket at all. Not ideal for a talented 25 year old all-rounder.
Date: 5/12/2019
Author: Tony Moran
I am sure their will be lots of opinions on the squad selection however just to lighten the tone,

one of the funniest times on the forum was a few years ago was when the discussion came up about slow scoring rates and some hilarious examples were given

I have the following which I am sure is lighting fast in comparison to some of the stories I heard at the time

!975 World Cup England v India.

England batted first and achieved 334 for 4 in 60 overs setting what the Indian opener Sunil Gavaskar thought was an impossible target to beat, he proceeded to score an earth-shattering unbeaten 36 off 174 balls.

At one point an Indian supporter rushed on to the pitch and urged him to retire before being escorted from the field of play!

Gavaskar later could not account for his strange behaviour but in hindsight wished he had walked when he had feathered the second ball of his innings to the keeper who did not appeal the catch!

Date: 4/12/2019
Author: LF
Question for whosoever looks after cricket Leinster website...

The draw for the senior league is not on the website, but its on Twitter whereas Matt Ford appointed as Cricket Leinster's account Assistant is there.

Priorities I must say...
Date: 4/12/2019
Author: Dotski_w

I am told that non-australian First class cricketers often play in 2nd grade NSW cricket as a result of only 1 overseas player being allowed per XI.

In an Irish context, in late 2016 Andrew Balbirnie played 7 games in 2nd grade, averaging 51.14, and he also scored 21 in a 1st grade game. In the following 6 months the same player got two half centuries against Afghanistan in Asia - 85*(74) & 62(88), another half against UAE - 58*(67), hit 30(38) against England (in England) and a 36(50) against New Zealand.

Given, for example, Stephen Doheny is currently averaging over 70 in a league that Balbirnie averaged 51, you might reflect on the fact that 2nd grade in New South Wales is a higher level than 2nd XI cricket at your club, and that the experience is of significant use to the players involved.
Date: 4/12/2019
Author: Dick Forrest
It may not be well known that (the Late) Bob Willis spent his honeymoon in Ireland, to "get away from it all" (cricket mainly!!).
He must have thought he was VERY safe in Moran's of the Weir.....UNTIL.... Frank Coen (Co.Galway's legendary (very)slow bowler appeared from behind a G&T(large).
Frank always said a great night ensued, sadly we'll never hear Bob's side of the story, R.I.P.
Date: 4/12/2019
Author: Albert Ward
Dotski- Men and Women down under articles

Bit embarrassing that the players who participate in "first class" cricket here are over in Oz playing 2nds and 3rds level. Must have more money than sense! Great experience for those who can afford it though.

Glad someone grew a set and disposed of Wilson, surely that is the end of his international career?

Farewell to Tim Murtagh - a high quality performer for us. A class act!
Date: 3/12/2019
Author: Will
Nikolai Smith flying for Italy
Date: 2/12/2019
Author: Harlean Carpenter
John Glynn,

You may well be right, as a few on here know already, I have more concerning matters at the moment to care about with my health, and cancer matters, so just making rash assumptions, in truth, without digging into facts too deeply.

Either way, people supposedly in positions of 'power' need to do a very urgent look at the state of player availability before it deteriorates even more. Do I have faith that they will do so, not greatly, sadly!

Looking forward to next summer (when hopefully it stops raining!), and maybe being able to get across the Irish Sea and see some play again close up! If only so I might get to see Mr Callender again, and sit in the 'posh' sections again, lol
Date: 2/12/2019
Author: Peter

Brian Malone

I don't have to agree with what the majority of people think here... If Murtagh was that good, would have got a cap with England. He is only " world class" to the average Irish standards, that's the truth.

Balbirnie, i hope will get the team on the right track.
Date: 2/12/2019
Author: Steve B
Sean Og

I assume that by 'too many nodding dog yes men afraid to question the master' you are referring to the Cricket Ireland Board. If so, you are quite right, and this has been painfully obvious for some years now. They have idolised the 'master' for far too long now and, seeing the financial and other messes Irish cricket is now in, both parties ought to be considering their positions very seriously.

Is 13 years too long for a Chief Executive to be in position? Do certain people just assume they have a job for life?
Date: 2/12/2019
Author: Andy Kennedy
I would add to Mr. O'Hara's posting by pointing out the responsibility should lie with the clubs when a player steps out of line. And not only "players". The rules of at least one Union place a duty on clubs to take responsibility for the behaviour/conduct of their "supporters." Sadly my experience is that there are occasions when this is avoided. Interesting that in rugby the referee has the power to ask for an abusive spectator to be removed during a game - and the club must comply even if the offender is a visitor!
Date: 2/12/2019
Author: Andy Kennedy
Good points made by Steve B but turkeys voting for Christmas? First thing that was done on the achievement of Test status was to recruit a cohort of senior managers to carry out the duties that had been performed in the past by volunteers.
Date: 2/12/2019
Author: Sean Og
Too many nodding dog yes men afraid to question the master. Just take everything as gospel without questioning and evaluating decisions.