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Author Message
Date: 19/6/2019
Author: Peter

David Cooke

100%,Rashid Khan who went for over 100 will take at least 10 wicket in the series.

Our players dont know how to play Rashid Khan and that's a proven fact
Date: 19/6/2019
Author: LCU Observer
Carrickfergus vs Phoenix
Pembroke vs CSNI
Waringstown vs Instonians
CIYMS vs Leinster

Some interesting ties..all should be competitive and close expect CIYMS/Leinster.

Semi finals to be a 2-2 split LCU and NCU.
Date: 19/6/2019
Author: Ray Dollard
For example their constant appealing in matches against small fry like us is simply a sign of that arrogance. Another sign is to read the arrogant and dismissive posts of their fans. The point I was making is that their pathetic performance is a good dose of reality and may help to keep in check instances of over-arrogance.
Date: 19/6/2019
Author: G.C.
The Warrionrs looks incredibly heavy with front line bowlers especially seamers.It is like the best 11 players have been picked without any concern for balance.Are there no batsmen worthy of a game?
Date: 19/6/2019
Author: Albert E
Why does the North West not post about players be disciplined.
Have to be consistent in the news
Date: 18/6/2019
Author: Tony Moran

In fairness to Eoin Morgan he has had quite a few 'good days' and will surely go down in history as one of England's great players, which is ironic in the extreme, I don't think hitting that many sixes in one international match is ever going to be beaten

Nice to see young Cormac performing well on his debut yesterday as he is only a raw kid, maybe he will become a future star.

I think if we had performed as badly as Afghanistan have in the World cup, there would have been a bucket load of abuse, in time, and not very long, we will become a better Test Nation than them, I don't see a huge gap between Afghanistan and the top associates for example Scotland and the Dutch

hopefully now the weather will improve for the rest of the season, we certainly need it.
Date: 18/6/2019
Author: Joe
Who actually conducts the Irish cup draws? Previously they were aired live - now the fixtures are just posted up on Twitter and nobody knows who or where the draw was actually made.
Another wasted opportunity for exposure.
Makes it look as if they don't really care about getting publicity.
Date: 18/6/2019
Author: David Cooke
@Peter - you really think they would beat us 5-0?
Date: 18/6/2019
Author: Peter

Ray Dollard

Don't get carried away with the Afghans getting spanked today. Their team will still beat us 5-0 if we start a series tomorrow.

Arrogance comes with winning games, the best of the sides and players have it and there is nothing wrong with it.

In English conditions, Rashid Khan is a diff bowler and it was Morgan's day today
Date: 18/6/2019
Author: Brian

My cricket

My point was Clontarf never bought success. Of the last years team only Pienaar was getting paid and he was the overseas.

Correct me if I am wrong?
Date: 18/6/2019
Author: Cal
Re : Ryano

Were you following the Warriors v Lightning game - Peter Karl David Chase ripped through the openers - none other than William Porterfield and Brendan Louw, stumps cartwheeling. So yes as I keep saying give Chaser the new cherry and you will see wickets.
Date: 18/6/2019
Author: Ray Dollard
It is not really a bad thing that Afghanistan are being flayed off the park. It brings a dose of reality as to where they are in the game. To remove some of the arrogance from them could be very beneficial to them going forward. Learn as you go.
Date: 18/6/2019
Author: John Glynn
RE: Mr Cricket
They still have in essence 2 pros though so it doesnt explain the dramatic fall since last season and they have Eoghan Delaney back from Australia also.
Could be any number of the following factors why the drop off, aging side, new coach bedding in, complacency, internal issues. With the new Leinster league structure and them almost assured of a Premier league spot for next season Id imagine a few incoming signings for next season will be on the cards and they will be back with a bang.
Date: 18/6/2019
Author: John Cahill
Fabulous knock by Eoin Morgan today.
A world cup record of 17 sixes out of 148 runs.
And such a nice feller too.
Well done Eoin.
Date: 18/6/2019
Author: Albert Ward
Ryano- you are of course entitled to your opinion (maybe you are just trying to provoke debate and don't actually believe your own nonsense) but if he is deemed "average at best" god help the other "first class" players in Ireland. Love to hear what you say about them.

I would imagine he would smash Chase all over the place to be honest. He faces much quicker bowlers in the various county competitions with relative ease.

Answering my own question about Afghanistan - they got smashed all over Old Trafford by Morgan in particular. Will they even make 150 in reply?