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North West 2019

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St Johnston II v Strabane II, Q2 final day two action pics (18 August)
Ardmore v Fox Lodge, Eric Cooke final bowl out (18 August)
Eric Cooke T20 final presentations (18 August)
Q2 Cup presentations (18 August)
Bready II v Eglinton II, Q1 cup final day 2 (17 August)
Q1 Cup presentations (17 August)
Strabane II v St Johnston II, Q2 final day 1 (16 August)
Bready II v Eglinton II, Q1 Cup final (16 August)
Donemana v Brigade, Faughan Valley Cup final (15 August)
St Johnston v Coleraine, U13 final (15 August)
Burndennett v Ardmore (10 August)
Brigade v Glendermott, NW Cup Final Day 2 (3 August)
NW Senior Cup final cup presentations (3 August)
Brigade v Glendermott, NW Cup Final Day 1 (2 August)
Glendermott v Bready (27 July)
Fox Lodge v Burndennett, Ladies Cup (22 July)
Bready v Eglinton (20 July)
Burndennett v Bonds Glen (20 July)
Strabane v Glendermott (20 July)
GroveHill v Fox Lodge, Midweek Cup (19 July)
Strabane v Bready (13 July)
Fox Lodge v Killyclooney (13 July)
Ardmore v Brigade, NW cup semi-final (7 July)
Bready v Brigade (6 July)
Glendermott v Donemana (6 July)
Brigade v Eglinton, T20 (4 July)
Ardmore v Newbuildings (30 June)
Fox Lodge v Bonds Glen, T20 Championship (28 June)
Killyclooney III v Ardmore III (25 June)
Ardmore v Eglinton, NW Senior Cup replay (23 June)
Fox Lodge v Ardmore (22 June)
Coleraine v Strabane (22 June)
St Johnston v Letterkenny (19 June)
Ballyspallen v Bready (15 June)
Strabane v Donemana (15 June)
Bready IV v Eglinton III (15 June)
Bready v Eglinton (14 June)
Glendermott v Donemana, Faughan Valley Cup (14 June)
Eglinton U13 v Ballyspallen U13 (13 June)
Killyclooney v Fox Lodge (12 June)
Bready U11 v Bonds Glen U11 (10 June)
Ardmore v Eglinton, NW Senior Cup (9 June)
Ardmore v Newbuildings (8 June)
Brigade v Donemana, Senior League (8 June)
Burndennett v St Johnston (2 June)
Ardmore II v Brigade II (1 June)
NW Women v Ardmore Thirds (27 May)
Youth games in NW (24 May)
Letterkenny first match (22 May)
Hat-trick hero, centurions plus various others (20 May)
NW various (19 May)
Fox Lodge v Ardmore (11 May)
Newbuildings v Strabane (11 May)
Strabane v Bready (5 May)
North Fermanagh v Ardmore Thirds (6 May)
Sam McConnell Charity Cup Finals (5 May)
Glendermott v Brigade (4 May)
Ardmore after beating Bonds Glen (4 May)
Donemana v Glendermott (27 April)
County Tyrone U20 v County Derry U20 (25 April)
Fox Lodge v Killyclooney (20 April)
Ardmore, winners of the Shaun Bradley Memorial Shield (20 April)