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Date: 19/2/2018
Author: Harry O
Franchise system
This is the only way to go as far as meaningful and competitive cricket is concerned.
Leinster are so far ahead of the pack it's become boring.
Get three or four Leinster players in the other two regions for starters.
There were some Northern Ireland players who were barely senior cricketers never mind interpro ones.
As for the NW softly, softly approach, they should try shouting a bit harder as I heard there's only a few bothering to turn up. Lack of contracts a major factor I suppose.
Date: 19/2/2018
Author: Henry
Very strange quote from Richard Holdsworth about Ed Joyce. Mentions "Ed has been a fantastic servant to Irish cricket since his arrival on the international scene in 2006."
Ed played for Ireland between 1997 and 2005. Does this not count in Cricket Ireland's eyes?
Indeed by 2006 Ed was playing for England and didn't feature in Irish colours after that until 2011.
Having said all that, congratulations Ed and I hope it's a great success.

Ed's Note: I think Richard is referring to ODI cricket, which as you correctly point out Henry he played from 2006, making his England debut against Ireland at Stormont. And in the opposition ranks was his younger brother Dom.
Should have mentioned his exploits for Ireland from 1997 though. Who could forget the Bradmanesque average of 99+ as Ireland qualified for the 2007 World Cup. The rest they say is history.
Date: 19/2/2018
Author: Ian M
JUST wondering what sort of coverage CricketEurope will be able to offer once the action gets under way in Zimbabwe?

The other site doesn't instill much confidence at the minute.

Btw just noticed NOB opened the batting yesterday with Stirling sitting out the game.
Is Stirling fit?

Ed's Note: I'd guess Stirlo was rested to give other batters a chance.
WCQ coverage. We'll do our best within very limited budget and ICC restrictions.
Date: 19/2/2018
Author: John Glynn
RE: Lewis calls for franchise Cricket

I think this will only happen when there are a large number of "Franchise" contracts to be given out. Still believe there is a need for 4 teams rather than 3.
If there is a worry about a dilution of the playing talent then supplement the teams with some of the 1st class professionals who are based here for the summer.
Date: 19/2/2018
Author: Ryano
Did Ed not retire from shorter formats to benefit the longer version ?

Date: 18/2/2018
Author: Dotski_w

Those players are playing in the Interpros. That is the highest standard of cricket domestically.

As for the standard of LCU2.. Well am unsure how to measure it in a way that will satisfy you... Certainly sides in LCU2 have been among the contenders most years in the Irish Senior Cup and have often been favourites ahead of 1st division sides in all the unions.

Last year, had there been a 4th IP side last year exclusively made up of members of LCU2 clubs, they could have fielded the following XI

E Joyce (Merrion)
S Doheny (Rush)
J Anderson (Merrion)
G Christian* (Terenure, pro)
T McGrath* (Balbriggan, pro)
L Tucker + (Dublin University)
K O’Brien (Railway Union)
G Dockrell (Dublin University)
T Kane (Merrion)
P Chase (Malahide)
T Stanton (Merrion)

Squad from: D Joyce, J Bray, C Fletcher, N Rock, A Stiles, F McAllister

Seems to me the standard is high enough. Forcing those players to leave their clubs if they're relegated would reduce standards in LCU2 (where the likes of Doheny, Rock etc are learning their trade) and also stop young players like Little breaking into their club 1st XI.

"can just about get the requisite amount of teams to play in it"

I think most people would accept the problem getting another side has been finding one that felt it could perform at that level. North Kildare aren't leaving because its too easy...

"The standard may be questionable in light of how the promoted teams have done when they go up."

Umm... 2017 LCU1 table...half of those sides were promoted the previous 2 years.. The 2017 champions had played on LCU2 the previous year!

1. Leinster (promoted in 2016)
2. Clontarf (2013)
3. The Hills (2015)
5. North County
6. Phoenix (2015)
7. Pembroke (2012)
8. Cork County (2016)

Finally, England field players from their 2nd division.

I vote no change...

Date: 18/2/2018
Author: Dave
Re: Indoor nets.
Where do teams in Cork,Kerry,Waterford,Wexford,Galway,etc train when it's raining or in the winter months?
Date: 18/2/2018
Author: John Glynn
Maybe Dockrell has gotten confidence with his batting by getting runs in Div2?
With both their bowling maybe this has allowed them to experiment with their bowling/work on things in a game environment?
Both are also playing interpro which is the highest level in the country.
Date: 18/2/2018
Author: ISTL
With Ireland reaching top level cricket now, does it not follow that players in the squad must play at the highest level, at least in Ireland. Up and coming Peter Chase, Malahide and the Ever consistent and much improved batter George Dockrell, Trinity may be playing in a Division 2 league in Leinster that can just about get the requisite amount of teams to play in it. The standard may be questionable in light of how the promoted teams have done when they go up. Surely it is important that Irish Squad Players play at the best level available to them, at least in their own country.
Date: 17/2/2018
Author: Matt
Eoin Stephens - Maybe they'll also discover that the only indoor nets in Leinster are outside Dublin. (And do something about it)
Date: 17/2/2018
Author: HT
On the subjects of Cricket Ireland budgets and expenditure, they used to publish the outcomes of their Board meetings.
However I haven't seen any for a long time, which gives the impression they are doing it behind closed doors. Hopefully this will be remedied soon, and we will know their plans.
Date: 17/2/2018
Author: Tarquin
Splendid news that Ireland are to play Sussex at Arundel Castle on June 24.
It should be a wonderful occasion for such a great servant of club and country.
Date: 16/2/2018
Author: Tom
I saw James McCollum mentioned as a Gloucestershire player in an article by his Australian club. Anyone know if he has signed for them?

Ed's Note: While the article here does mention it, it's not true. His dad Ross confirms absolutely no truth in it. Just an error by the paper.
Date: 16/2/2018
Author: Eoin Stephens
I wonder if this €90,000 Cricket Ireland investigation will come up with an answer to the simple question of why a country where it rains so much throughout the year doesn't have a single indoor cricket net outside Dublin.
In fact many clubs don't seem to have any decent outside nets either.

Ed's Note: Bready has, and there are indoor facilities at Queens/Jordanstown.
Date: 16/2/2018
Author: Tom
How is it possible to go from such a well thought out, eloquent post from Dotski_W to that drivel from JJ in less than 24 hours? What a diverse forum!