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Date: 23/9/2017
Author: Tom Rudd
Anything more on the rumours of a 6 team IP20?
Date: 22/9/2017
Author: EB
Just looking at the Wolves touring party and I'm wondering where is Peter Johnston, why is he not going? He has looked after this team all summer and been a pivotal part for their identity and growth. Why does John Bracewell get to look after this side for his last month of his contract? Is he there to ensure that the tour is a disaster like the rest of his tenure. What purpose does it serve sending him? Will he report back to Cricket Ireland after the tour with a full run down of what happened or will he just jump on a plane back to New Zealand as he is already half way there.

Ed's Note: Pete is staying in Ireland to help prepare the U19's for the World Cup in January.
Date: 21/9/2017
Author: Liam Staunton
Liamo, I've always say it if Eddie was playing over in Sandymount, the selectors wouldn't over look him then, he's playing on wrong side of Liffey.
Date: 21/9/2017
Author: Dermot Ward
To all budding cricket umpires. Have you been to a game recently where the umpire was "responsible" for your team losing? Can you do better? A level 1 umpiring course will be held in this close season. If you are interested in becoming an umpire, and completing the course, please text me on 07871533449. We have six names already interested. Please also include an e-mail address where you can be contacted.Out in the middle is the best place to see any game. Please share this note to anybody you think would be interested.
Date: 20/9/2017
Author: Ian
Great to see the Wolves getting a tour for Bangladesh.

The batters having to play in spin friendly conditions will I hope help them hone their technique.

Re the question about Irish cricketers wintering abroad.

I would love to see Paul Stirling's agent getting him a few gigs in the many T20 leagues that are popping up around the world.
His ability as a white ball cricketer is there for all to see and it would help him develop his game even more. Is he our next captain?

As for the others, mainly those in the Wolves squad. To see them playing ANYWHERE at any level just to build their self belief as well as their skills would be encouraging. In fact CI needs to be proctive in helping these lads find clubs around the world who will allow them to play through the wintertime.

Ireland have a WC qualifier in Zimbabwe in the Springtime, is there are news yet of a pre comp warm up game or two? The batters especially will need it ahead of playing on the dodgy pitches in Zimbabwe.

Date: 20/9/2017
Author: Barry Chambers
Jim McGurk

Saddened to hear of the sudden death of Jim McGurk. He was always a very popular character at Coleraine where he was a barman for many years.
Condolences to the family circle and all at Coleraine.
Date: 20/9/2017
Author: Senior
Agree with Imtiaz. Kennedy next year needs to move on and get Senior 1 cricket. Play against the best and show everyone he is the best. Having watched the play off between Spallen and Fox Lodge. Kennedy would be perfect for the Ballymagorry side and would learn from B.Allen a superb coach. But again there is many good clubs in NW Spallen included but will be interesting to see where and if he moves club.
Date: 19/9/2017
Author: Liamo
Eddie just needs to move across to Sandymount...there van be no other reason unless he is not available for selection!
Date: 19/9/2017
Author: tom lewis
Wolves squad on the whole seems to be fair. I think the non selection of Tyrone Kane is disappointing however. A player who has he potential to be a key all rounder for Ireland.

On another note, I sssune Rory Anders has been injured this season or has he given up bowling?

Any Irish players wintering abroad this year?
Date: 19/9/2017
Author: Liam
Richard, there awards between D1/LCU Samuels Cup which my point is Eddie Richardson Won 2013,2016 and 2017, look at it on Cricket Leinster web site
Date: 19/9/2017
Author: Liam
Adam, Brian that question has been asked of Cricket Ireland and maybe there is a genuine reason Eddie wasn't selected.
Date: 19/9/2017
Author: imtiaz
Graham Kennedy will be the next Kevin of the team
Date: 18/9/2017
Author: Tom
RE: Eddie Richardson. It seems like the Ireland selectors have a tough job picking players for that seam bowling / all rounder role. Someone to eventually replace Kevin O'Brien. Who do you think has the most potential?

- Stuart Thompson
- Shane Getkate
- Eddie Richardson
- Tyrone Kane
- Mark Adair
- Josh Little (in a few years)
- David Delaney (in a few years)
Date: 18/9/2017
Author: Richard Davies
Re Liam
Awards split.....

Can't understand this post.
What do all these figures mean?
Any chance of a translation?

Date: 18/9/2017
Author: Donal C
Is it possible here that Mr Richardson has simply made himself unavailable due to work?

I dont know the man, but he was apparently on standby for the WI game last week which indicates the selectors do see something in him. He's also played for the Wolves and A side in the past.

Is it not possible perhaps that he cannot or does not wish to take the time off work required to go on a month long tour of the subcontinent? I dont see how it could be anything but this, since he has been picked for games that were in Ireland and would thus be easier to sort out with a work schedule.

All in all I thought the squad was quite good and im looking forward to seeing how they get on, think its an excellent idea to get Joyce coaching too.

Hoping the U19 lads get something sorted for them as well, they need practice before the WC.