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Date: 22/4/2018
Author: dotski_w
@Eoin Stephens

While we all (I hope...) want Ireland to do as well as possible in the forthcoming test, it's well documented how long it took other sides to get to compete. Even nowadays, 3 different established sides lost Tests by more than an innings and 200 runs between 17 August and 24 November 2017 (Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and the West Indies) - that's 30% of the Test sides playing at that time. A fourth side (Zimbabwe) hardly played Tests last year, but in a 4 day test at xmas, South Africa managed to beat them within 2 days.

So even for sides with multiples of our funding and decades of test experience, and their own established FC set-ups, with professionals lining out for 5-6 teams, many still get hammered often enough.

Personally, I would consider taking the game to the 4th day (without assistance of rain) a significant achievement. If we got a draw, my hangover would last for some days. But I am realistic enough to realise we are a long shot underdog in this match, and while I'll be there for the first two days, it will be there in the hope, rather than the expectation of victory which would, in all truth, be a massive upset (bigger than Pakistan in 2007 or England in 2011). This is a mighty step up, in a format we are new to,.

Changes will probably be made, and learning from that first game will be important, but wholesale change would be destructive. Throwing the baby out with the bathwater after our first foray in this format would, in my view, be an act of self damage.

We will get there, but throwing out our best players for others who have lesser averages at "A" team level won't result in improvements. There will be a few retirements no doubt afterwards (a few have been hinted at in interviews), and the places that become available should be hard fought over. I expect the Wolves games over the next 12 months to be very important in those battles (and our T20i games in the battle for promotion to the ODI side). Those who show their class at those levels will deserve promotion.

In the meantime, lets get behind the side, rather than pondering how it should be dismantled if our debut is no better than most sides managed with theirs.

Date: 21/4/2018
Author: Eoin Stephens
I took a bet tonight that the Pakistan game will be over within nine sessions.
If we are hammered would this be just a minor setback or the catalyst for major change ?
Date: 21/4/2018
Author: timmyj
Looks like ICC again bending over backwards to
help USA/North American cricket. Have given the
Americas region three spots to advance to
the regional qualifier. Europe, which has more than
twice as many countries in their qualifier, will be
playing for only ONE sport!
Date: 20/4/2018
Author: burners
I'd join others in wondering if there are any places up for grabs in the team for the test. Basically which spinner gets picked of Dockrell, Singh and McBrine. If 15 years following Ireland has taught me anything, it's that selection for a game against a full member is rarely influenced by performances against non-full members.
Date: 20/4/2018
Author: Steve

You never know- there is always a chance it would be we shall just have to wait and see. End of the day if it comes to it, it'll be in the players hands and we shall see who cares and who doesn't.

On the other hand Malahide is looking well, hopefully this summery spell we are having can stay for a good while yet!
Date: 20/4/2018
Author: Pat Cleary
Tony Moran
Its great to see the talent on show, but don't think it's anything more than a hit out for the already selected test team. These few games are happening thanks to the two clubs able to prepare grass wickets as there was no alternatives organised due to budget constraints.
I think the selectors will be quietly praying that the fringe players don't show up the boys club.
Date: 19/4/2018
Author: Tony Moran
I recently berated Andrew White re the selection Policy but after seeing the 26 players who will participate in the Test Trials, I am happy to eat a large piece of Humble Pie!

I think the players that have been selected show the depth of talent in Ireland!

I hope Andrew will now select a favourable Weather forecast!

Date: 19/4/2018
Author: 100 ball comp
ECB announced an 8 team city based 100 ball competition - 15x6 + 110 ball final over - from 2020. Teams in London, Southampton, Birmingham, Leeds, Cardiff, Manchester and Nottingham. Get Ireland/Dublin & Scotland/Edinburgh in on it...
Date: 19/4/2018
Author: Tony Moran

I responded to Brian raising this on the Forum and a solution must be found, I think there are grounds to get this thrown out!
I am confident or maybe just foolish that it wont go ahead! but there are alternative strategies CI can pursue even at this late stage! and I certainly don't blame the Players, they have their own Careers to look after!

Date: 19/4/2018
Author: Senior
my post was cut short?
Date: 18/4/2018
Author: Monaghan Cricket Club
Dear all,
We are looking to hire a cricket ground for 28th April, if any club is willing to let their ground please give us a buzz. It will be great if it is in Northern cricket union Region or North West.


Best wishes

Monaghan CC
Date: 18/4/2018
Author: Pat

Great point around preparations at grounds around the country. Hearing that all matches in Division 2 will be postponed as well as some matches in Division 1. Great credit due to Pembroke and Merrion for getting wickets up for the intra-squad games.

Not so sure about free weekends however. Between leagues, national cups, provincial cups and T20 cups which are now on the weekends I'm not so sure there are too many free weekends to refix games to. Losing a full weekend of cricket for the test match doesn't help of course but there is logic to it. Added pressure on administrators when most grounds have multiple teams from the club playing on them. Highlights why we should be thankful for our groundsmen in this country!
Date: 18/4/2018
Author: Steve
Tony Moran

If the rumours are to be believed then I'm sure there will be players calling it quits at international level come 2019 unless CI have some sort of cash cow up their sleeves.
Date: 18/4/2018
Author: NotABatsman
Elated that at least 26 people are being looked at by selectors ahead of Ireland's next steps.

Perhaps not all recent failings can be blamed on an ageing squad who's spots are overly secure... but it might be a possibility worth looking at.
Date: 18/4/2018
Author: Senior
@Bobby Rao

NICA was great way to get to face the best the North has to offer without being compared to the Leinster boys all the time. NICA offered the best of the best coaching and allowed for great friends to be made also. Indoor games at QUB for training was always good during the winter and offered great extra training for everyone.