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Seafarers v Eastern Knights
Amstelveen, 16 September 2017
North Sea Pro 50 Series Final
Result Seafarers vs Eastern Knights - Match abandoned
Latest update at 11:31 AM Local Time
Commentator Rod Lyall
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11:31 AM So this is Rod Lyall, saying goodbye from a sodden VRA Ground in Amstelveen. There's a busy autumn and winter ahead of us, but that's it for the 2017 season.
11:29 AM On the positive side, I suppose, it's good that the players haven't been kept hanging about for most of the day.
11:22 AM There has been an inspection and a conference, and I'm sorry to have to inform you that the match has been abandoned.
11:09 AM It's been raining overnight, after a couple of weeks of persistent rain, and there's been light rain, really irritating light rain, falling most of the morning. But it seems to have eased off now, and the covers are being somewhat gingerly removed.
11:07 AM Good morning (or afternoon, or evening) everyone, and welcome to CricketEurope's live ball-by-ball (or possibly, drop-by-drop) coverage of today's North Sea Pro 50 final from Amstelveen.