Ireland v West Indies
Stormont, 13 September 2017
One-day international
Result Ireland v West Indies - match abandoned
Last update 1:38 PM Local Time
Commentator Ian Callender
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1:38 PM That is also the end of the 2017 summer of cricket here on CricketEurope. Ireland are not due in action again until November 29, day 1 of their final Intercontinental Cup match against Scotland in the UAE. As usual, I'll be bringing you commentary on that, hopefully in warmer, dryer weather. Until then autumn well and from a wet Stormont it's good afternoon
1:34 PM Disappointing day all round, especially with two hours of sunshine this mornning but the ground after five weeks of rain on and off has just left the ground to wet for play in this one-day international
1:33 PM And the game has been officially abandoned, the umpires have just shaken hands with the groundstaff and WI captain Jason Holder has arrived in the media tent for interviews
1:10 PM And not it's raining!
1:00 PM Covers coming on with rain in the air and big black cloud out the back, I'm told. Bringing the abandonment of this match even closer
12:43 PM But the feeling, certainly in the media tent, is that the umpires are just waiting for the rain to arrive so that they can call it off!
12:41 PM Umpires will inspect again at 1.30pm after lunch which has been brought forward to 1pm. But conditions have NOT improved, is the word from the umpires
12:30 PM Sun still shining as the umpires make their way to the middle again for the 12.30pm inspection, a lot of prodding with their feet going on
11:41 AM Official word apparently is that there will be another inspection at 12.30 but conditions have not improved and it remains "unfit for play". Must be doubtful is things are going to get better and if rain arrives that will definitely sound the deathknell
11:33 AM Latest inspection is underway and it seems that with the wind and the sunshine - which has been out for the last halfhour - conditions are firming up. So hopefully we will have more positive news from the middle shortly - and rain may not arrive until after 1 is the latest news
10:44 AM News of the 10.30 inspection is that they will look again at 11.30. Conditions, especially the run-ups, very soft
10:14 AM A few of the Ireland players now making their way to the middle. It looks as if they have just arrived at the ground - obviously having got a heads up that the start would be significantly delayed. Indeed, Tim Murtagh and Niall O'Brien have walked to the middle with rucksacks on their back
10:04 AM It is actually sunny at the moment but with the first of many showers due around noon, we may not get much play early on, if the inspection is only taking place at 10.30, that's 15 minutes after the scheduled start
10:02 AM The early team news is from the West Indies camp and Chris Gayle will play - although the body language is not good from the West Indies. Around half a dozen of the players are in the middle, standing around in the tracksuits while groundsman Philip McCormick forks the area around the pitch, which is uncovered
9:58 AM Good morning from Stormont for today's one-off ODI between Ireland and West Indies where the news is that the overnight rain has done its damage and we have a delayed start. There will be a pitch inspection at 10.30
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