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Date: 21/2/2018
Author: Rob Quin
Re Eoin Morgan
I was one who was highly critical of Eoin Morgan, not just because he declared for England but because of some comments at the time. However any Ireland team would be blessed to have such a talented player in the team, as Ireland cricket fans we should always want the strongest possible Ireland side on the field. It would be brilliant for Irish cricket.
Sure they said we'd never play test cricket, never be a full member, anything is possible.Whilst we may not see Eoin and Ed in the same Ireland test team we may see both play Test cricket for Ireland.Lets hope.
Date: 21/2/2018
Author: Aaron Nelson
It looks as if that article from Richard Nesbitt has stimulated some discussion on the interpro format.
While Richard talked of 4 teams, Alan Lewis would go for 3 and Mick Jones, ever faithful to his native Munster would go with 4 or 5, presumably to include Munster while allowing a dual entry from Leinster.
What has become clear in recent weeks is that it is unlikely that any interprovincial contracts will be on offer, be that due to the increased demands of the international players or other budget pressures.
Given that is the case it would be impossible to expand the Interpros where the availability of non-contracted players is an issue, many using all their holiday allowances and more to play 30+ days of cricket.
If CI aren't going to fund interpro contracts then they should just take the players they have and use them the best way they can to benefit the national team.
Date: 21/2/2018
Author: Dave
Given the abuse that Morgan has received over the years for his decision to play for England why would anyone expect him to want to play for Ireland again ?
He'll see out his remaining years after retiring from England as a gun for hire.
Good luck to him.A fantastic cricketer.
Date: 21/2/2018
Author: JJ
Is 'softly softly' NW speak for 'we've asked a load of guys to turn up for training but most of them haven't bothered' ?
Seems to be the same every year with players not willing to commit over and above playing, and even then quite a few seem to like to pick and choose when they play rather than committing fully.
Must gall the ones who do commit and also must leave some who don't get asked but would commit wondering why they bother.
No doubt the NW is a hot bed of talent, but to few it seems are willing to put in the hard yards to turn that talent into a successful career
Date: 21/2/2018
Author: Ian M
Can't see Morgan ever playing for Ireland again.

're WC. "Barry McCarthy who is now the only squad member who has yet to appear on the tour.

Ireland manager Chris Siddle said: "Barry had been unable to bowl at 100% intensity but has been working in the nets and acting as substitute fielder."

Hopefully he will get a few overs in either this Friday or next week. I think he is a key player for us.
Date: 21/2/2018
Author: Ryano
Eoin may well take up an advisory roll for one of the IPL Teams which would allow him to play test cricket for England when more and more players opt for White Ball cricket.
Date: 21/2/2018
Author: burners
Would Morgan's requalification not be 4 years? I suspect if he wanted that some special dispensation could be granted by the ICC though, given the circumstances. Although I'm not sure if that would be forthcoming if he retired rather than got dropped.
Date: 20/2/2018
Author: Tom
It wouldn't be a huge surprise to me if Eoin Morgan retired from England duty after the World Cup. If they win the tournament he will probably want to leave on a high, if they do badly then the selectors will probably look to refresh the team.

He's sounded skeptical in the past about returning for Ireland, but I take that with a pinch of salt. Largely because he's had to make those comments to satisfy the English media. Presumably an Irish swansong mixed in with some franchise cricket would actually suit him very well.

Does anyone know what his re-qualification period would be?

Date: 20/2/2018
Author: Sam Cooke
Ireland injuries
Heard Barry McCarthy has a foot injury but not too serious. Making sure he's okay for Zimbabwe. I expect he'll bowl in at least 1 or 2 of the next games before the tournament starts.
Strange Porty missing a game but he has had back and knee problems before.
Quite right that Ed and Boyd are being wrapped in cotton wool but little worrying that Paul Stirling has missed last two games. Is it his hamstring again or something new?
Date: 20/2/2018
Author: Mick Jones
Yes Harry - I'm voting with you on franchises. I'd argue that some kind of franchise system is inevitable... eventually. So rather than wait to be pushed in that direction - why not grasp the nettle and get it moving sooner rather than later. Money - do I hear you say? Of course - I get it - but maybe jumping on this particular bandwagon might (might!) just help the sponsorship income. It makes complete sense (to me anyway) to spread the international players we have across all 4 (5?) squads so they regularly play AGAINST each other. How else, equably, to correct the imbalance of Leinster strength... apart from waiting years for the other squads to catch up.

Including an overseas player for each squad, maybe as player / coach would also have a huge impact. When they regularised that strand in the English County squads (was that in the 70s?) - I think it raised standards quite dramatically. Of course that's one hell of a shopping list! I absolutely get that our finances wouldn't cope right now. BUT - if we are going to compete at Test level - we NEED to have big ideas!
Date: 20/2/2018
Author: Ryano
Alex Hales has just jumped the red ball ship.

How solid are CI's players contracts ?

Date: 19/2/2018
Author: Harry O
Franchise system
This is the only way to go as far as meaningful and competitive cricket is concerned.
Leinster are so far ahead of the pack it's become boring.
Get three or four Leinster players in the other two regions for starters.
There were some Northern Ireland players who were barely senior cricketers never mind interpro ones.
As for the NW softly, softly approach, they should try shouting a bit harder as I heard there's only a few bothering to turn up. Lack of contracts a major factor I suppose.
Date: 19/2/2018
Author: Henry
Very strange quote from Richard Holdsworth about Ed Joyce. Mentions "Ed has been a fantastic servant to Irish cricket since his arrival on the international scene in 2006."
Ed played for Ireland between 1997 and 2005. Does this not count in Cricket Ireland's eyes?
Indeed by 2006 Ed was playing for England and didn't feature in Irish colours after that until 2011.
Having said all that, congratulations Ed and I hope it's a great success.

Ed's Note: I think Richard is referring to ODI cricket, which as you correctly point out Henry he played from 2006, making his England debut against Ireland at Stormont. And in the opposition ranks was his younger brother Dom.
Should have mentioned his exploits for Ireland from 1997 though. Who could forget the Bradmanesque average of 99+ as Ireland qualified for the 2007 World Cup. The rest they say is history.
Date: 19/2/2018
Author: Ian M
JUST wondering what sort of coverage CricketEurope will be able to offer once the action gets under way in Zimbabwe?

The other site doesn't instill much confidence at the minute.

Btw just noticed NOB opened the batting yesterday with Stirling sitting out the game.
Is Stirling fit?

Ed's Note: I'd guess Stirlo was rested to give other batters a chance.
WCQ coverage. We'll do our best within very limited budget and ICC restrictions.
Date: 19/2/2018
Author: John Glynn
RE: Lewis calls for franchise Cricket

I think this will only happen when there are a large number of "Franchise" contracts to be given out. Still believe there is a need for 4 teams rather than 3.
If there is a worry about a dilution of the playing talent then supplement the teams with some of the 1st class professionals who are based here for the summer.
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