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Date: 25/6/2017
Author: Steve
That is really bad news about the World Cup Qualifier probably going to Zimbabwe. It really reduces our chances of qualifying. If it was a choice between playing so-called Tests against Zimbabwe and Afghanistan (and probably no one else in the next lot of years) and appearing in the 2019 World Cup, I know which one I would choose and it wouldn't be Test matches.
Date: 25/6/2017
Author: Dotski_w
Will be somewhat surprised if Zim get the WC qualifier. This came up on Zim fans forum some time ago and consensus IIRC was that they didn't have the facilities or the required hotel accommodation near the venues...might get away with that if everyone was an associate, but with either Pakistan or West Indies involved (and 2 new FMs!) may be more of a fuss kicked up.

I presume these things will be scoped out in coming months, I'd not be surprised if UAE ends up the fall back...not 100% surprised Ire/Scot bid unsuccessful as they will be looking at danger of losing a lot of games to weather (and potentially a big name failing to qualify as a result).
Date: 24/6/2017
Author: Tom
Well done Ireland and Afghanistan, pity it didn't come years ago.

However a sobering note among all the celebrations. If ESPNCricinfo is to be believed the increased funding for Ireland and Afghanistan will come out of the Associates Budget. Nothing from The Big Boys.
Date: 24/6/2017
Author: Tom
"........a niche sport mostly played by Dublinís private schools and Ulstermen................."

Don't know where Nick Royle was in 2005. Club cricket in Leinster was holding its own especially in N. County Dublin. It had experienced a revival following the W. Cup in 1975. Back then the club I played for was dying on its feet and at 41 I was among the youngest players to join in years. Suddenly we had a thriving schoolboys team. Shows the power of TV.
Date: 24/6/2017
Author: martin
Congratulations for granted into test status..hope CI quickly can arrange some important fixtures and made the first class crivket into a four day to accupy more time in the middle for the players.
Date: 24/6/2017
Author: Ray Dollard
Now if we only had a team that could play test cricket but you cannot have everything. We need to persuade some foreigners to play for us - 4 or 5 would do for a start.
Date: 23/6/2017
Author: Harlean Carpenter
I certainly hope that the 'medical miracles' can be found to allow Ed Joyce to play at least 1 test for Ireland, would be such a great moment.

Equally, may I suggest that if that first test next year, that a few of the recent heroes at least get some acknowledgement of what they've done to get Irish cricket to this point.

Andre Botha, TJ, and Kyle Mac are 3 names that come immediately to mind for that honour. There are others, but...just saying...
Date: 23/6/2017
Author: tony o hanlon
Congratulations to everyone truly it is an historic day;

The ICC Full members
1877: Aus/Eng
1889: SAf
1928: WI
1930: NZ
1932: Ind
1952: Pak
1982: SL
1992: Zim
2000: Ban
2017: Ireland 11 and Afg 12.

On a connected note, tuned in to the main rte sport bulletin 8.30 am rte radio one this morning, presented by des cahill, waited waited, nothing, nada he didn't even mention this huge news in Irish sport,why?,voice your concern at
Date: 23/6/2017
Author: Mihir Mangaonkar
Congratulations to Ireland , Should been done long back 2015 but it's never too late.
Hope now scheduling won't be tough job anymore .
In Feb meeting Ireland was 90% through to Test Status if not full Membership ,CI should have gone in talks with Windies for one off inaugural Test before Windies tour England .
Date: 22/6/2017
Author: ajithlalm
Congratulations for Ireland and Afghanistan to get test status and it is a great achievement.

Ireland has been waiting very long to achieve this milestones and I do want to see Ed Joyce play as much the test matches as he can as he is a very good player and I do like watching him play cricket.

It would take at least one or two years for Ireland to win the first test as they do need experience and the players need to play very patience innings try to go for bigger scores than going for higher run rates. It would be good if Ireland starts to play test cricket next month itself so that they can gain more experience.

Bangladesh is the country that do not have any matches in the next month and Ireland should try to have a talk with them to play one test next month in Bangladesh.

Ireland should try to play at least three to four test matches this year itself in six months. Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, West Indies, SriLanka, Afghanistan, are the options they can look to play test matches this year.
Date: 22/6/2017
Author: Harlean Carpenter
Just to add my belated congratulations to both Afghanistan, and more importantly for me, Ireland, getting added to the Test Status/Full Members ranks. Well deserved in both cases.
Date: 22/6/2017
Author: Keith Montague
Well done to Cricket Ireland and Afghanistan in achieving the goal of Test Match Status and Full Membership of ICC. 10 years on from our breakthrough on the World stage and 12 years on from qualifying for the World Cup in Dublin yes a loss in the final v Scotland (who will be next then Holland) but that was the springboard to todays announcement. Past players, coaches, backroom staff, grounds men and chairmen and presidents your work is now complete. Time for the current and future generations to emulate them

On another note well done to the Leinster Lightning v North West Warriors at Oak Hill on a splendid 3 day match a good advertisement for the longer format. Well done to Ed on reaching the 18000 runs milestone with a huge ton and Niall for a great 2nd Inns knock. 5 overs more and Leinster would have won

Tips for the T20s on Friday
Leinster to beat Northern Knights
North West Warriors to beat Munster Reds
Date: 22/6/2017
Author: Donal C

Date: 22/6/2017
Author: burners

One of the first posts of yours that I've wholeheartedly agreed with. Long may it continue.
Date: 22/6/2017
Author: burners

Well done to Ireland and Afghanistan, TESTting times ahead :)
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