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Date: 17/10/2017
Author: DB
Dotski- I think he means popular summer sport
Date: 16/10/2017
Author: pubudu
i am very happy Ireland got test status. hope they become a good team. but realistically with the population and cricket not being the top sport in Ireland i doubt whether they will ever become one of the best teams. nevertheless they can become a consistent and a good team. i think Ireland should invest more on young people rather than trying to build large stadiums.
pubudu from sri lanka
Date: 16/10/2017
Author: Eoin Stephens
I've no problem with Ireland playing Test cricket and it's a magnificent achievement to have finally got there after so long trying.
But we have to be realistic.The current Ireland team would struggle against most English county sides in any form of the game so the idea that they really're much good for anything other than the occasional exhibition test match against a touring team is absurd.
Rather like the recent Irish soccer win against Wales,memorably described by Ken Early in the Irish Times as only happening because we brought the opposition down to our level Irish test cricket will struggle to gain acceptance with a wider audience in the country unless we get some cracking results.
It's possible,of course,but a 5-day Test match in Ireland in May is going to be a big ask.
Date: 16/10/2017
Author: Dotski_w

"( all test playing countries have cricket as their first or second major sport ) "

All of them?! That's nonsense on stilts Mark. What about New Zealand? from Wikipedia, "Basketball has had a gigantic growth in popularity, since 2013, being the 4th most popular sport in terms of participation, after association football, netball and rugby union."

England of course, the idea cricket is the second major sport is ummm...a bit on the optimistic side. A 2016 survey by Sport England in terms of participation (158,500 weekly cricket participants aged 16 or over) had it behind not just soccer, but also athletics, swimming, golf, badminton (425,800), Tennis (398,000), Equestrianism (282,000), bowls (212,000), squash (200,000), Rugby Union (199,000), Netball (180,000), and boxing (159,000). It is also dropping fast (12% down on previous year) and may soon be overtaken by basketball. Obviously that's still a lot more than play in Ireland. And participation rates aren't the full picture (although they reflect the base your international side emerges from)... But 2nd major sport, in 2016, in England? Don't believe everything you read in the Telegraph, Mark...

In Australia, wikipedia figures on attendence for Ozzie rules football, Rugby League and soccer indicate that they are the big 3 sports, with cricket edging Rugby Union into 5th.

West Indies harder to say though (given large number of states) - certainly in most countries they are behind soccer, and athletics appears to be ahead in most, with basketball and netball 'fighting it out' with cricket for 3rd place.

That's 40% of 10 Test countries (excluding us and AFG), where its outside the top 2 - comfortably in some cases - I presume cricket is there or thereabouts with the other 6 as, with the exception of South Africa, they are largely extremely weak in other sports relative to the size of their populations.

Obviously we are far behind still and there's a big job of work to build the sport further. However, it is in steep decline in many of the above countries, whereas the argument here on trajectory is largely whether the growth is real (and whether growth in Leinster over the last decade has been greater than decline in other areas).
Date: 16/10/2017
Author: Chris Donnelly
Whatever the results in Bangladesh, it's fantastic that Ireland A are getting a proper tour with decent opposition compared to the pub and student sides of recent times. A great chance for players to stake a senior claim.
Date: 16/10/2017
Author: Mark
Cricket in Ireland is a minority sport and always will be one - just google attendances at sports within ireland - cricket does not get a mention ...I think greyhound racing is more popular!! ( all test playing countries have cricket as their first or second major sport )

yes many people are getting caught up in the euphoria of test cricket but with the weather as it is here , poor facilities etc any crowds will turn away from the game once these factors kick in - hence the reason why I believe they should have focused more on the limited over stuff - get a good team playing good cricket in these and the crowds will com - start getting stuffed in test cricket and the crowds will disperse rather quickly ( only the hard core will remain and these are very few )

Date: 16/10/2017
Author: Liamo
Stu C
Well said!

Some So called supporters have no idea of the effort put in even since 2007!

Date: 15/10/2017
Author: Dotski_w

PS Yes Pakistan don't as you say, play Test cricket in their country as a result of terrorism. However it's a bit of a leap to say this isn't the major factor in Afghanistan also..... Also Afghans have built a number of large stadia over the last year or so, however, like Pakistan thats irrelevant to the point as to whether they can host tests in their own country or not....
Date: 15/10/2017
Author: Dotski_w
@David Cook

They are still top players (by our standards, anyway) and a side withouth them is a weaker one... my back of envelope calculations say Joyce scored 363 in the IPC this year at over 90 average, Murtagh still a top County player in England (36 wickets this year in D1 of the championship at 27.64, compared to Rankin's 12 at 35.25).

Of the players coming up, you can never say for certain but more seem to be better at the long game from what I can see (Tector, Terry & Ross could be playing Test cricket together in 4 years time, all seem better at the longer game than T20 IMO).


We certainly need better facilities, but Test cricket can (and is) often played at grounds with very small capacities (e.g. in New Zealand), we don't need a 100k capacity gdound, or even 10k...although there is capital funding available from Govt if the case is made well and e.g. Malahide are amenable to the plan.
Date: 15/10/2017
Author: Vikrant Ubale
Cricket Ireland is happy with inaugural Test against Pakistan next May .
But what about world cup qualifiers preparation ,
How is Ireland going about it .
It will be good boost for Irish Cricket if they make it to world cup as it in their neighborhood country .

Any tours of Zimbabwe .
May be one IC cup game with Scots to be played in South Africa .
But what about Winter ODI's for new full member .
Date: 14/10/2017
Author: Mark
Dotski - pakistan dont play home due to terriosm etc in their country - completely different to Ireland and Afghans who do not have the staduime / facilities ...can you honestly see Cricket ireland investing millions into a stadium - where is the money going to come from

To attempt to play a test match in ireland in may is ridiculous with the weather we have at that time of the year - I can see the papers already if very little play is possible
Date: 14/10/2017
Author: David Cooke
Dotski - Joyce will be 40 this year and Murtagh 37.
Date: 14/10/2017
Author: Stu C
Seriously, some of the Anti Cricket Ireland nonsense on here is beyond belief. Can they do anything right in some peoples opinion ? The last bout of rubbish being spouted was about an uncovered outfield in Stormont leading to the cancellation of the ODI against West Indies. Funny how the exact same issue happened with the ECB against the same opposition, and again yesterday with the BCCI against Australia. Maybe all cricket boards are idiots with no idea how to run the game. Maybe others will only be happy when Warren Deutrom is cutting the wicket up in North Down (No offence to NDCC, just using you as an example), or maybe the moaning will stop at Graham Ford when he's out scouting the Rush U11's (Again, no offence to RCC). To suggest as some have that Cricket Ireland only recognise Cricket in Ireland Post 2005 is more claptrap. Try reading through the match programme from Bristol & Lords, or maybe you don't support the National Team, since Adi Birrell went and pissed on your parade for getting us to the World Cup in 2007. The references to the wins over the West Indies in 1969 and 2004 were there. The win's in the old B&H Trophy and the 10 wicket win over Zimbabwe in 2003.
If you want to see what it's like to be ignored and under funded by your Governing body, try being a League of Ireland fan.
I'm one of those new fans of the National Team. Only around since 2005 and that ICC Trophy. I love going to watch them play. In those 12 years, we've gone from being a "Minor County" and an "Associate Nation" to a have Full Test Status. We've played and beaten Pakistan, West Indies, England, Bangladesh and Zimbabwe, all in real games and when it mattered. Fans around the world looked upon us a equals. We've been welcomed at Sabina Park, Eden Gardens and Lords. In years to come, we'll be able to add the likes of the MCG and others to that list.
Look at what the Womens Team have achieved over the past 10 years. I remember playing against them in the Leinster Leagues all those years ago. Look at them now. Do you think Cricket Ireland haven't played some part in that success?
There are boys and girls playing the game now that wouldn't have had an interest in the game if it wasn't for all the above. We have had our U19's qualify for the last two World Cups including this one coming up in NZ. Yes, maybe the Tectors, the Anders, Delaney, Little, Grassi, etc would have still come through, but CI along with all the coaches involved in Leinster, North and North West have all played their part.
If all this is too much for people to handle, then just jump off the bandwagon, and make room for those who want to jump on. Cricket Ireland will get things wrong. Rain will be the cause of games being called off. This is Cricket.
Date: 14/10/2017
Author: Steve Reid
I see that Cricket Ireland are consistently referring to next year's match against Pakistan as Ireland's first-ever Test match.

Have they forgotten that the women's side have already played Test Cricket - also against Pakistan in 2000, I believe?

But, of course we know that the people at Cricket Ireland don't appear to acknowledge that there was any Irish cricket prior to 2005 or 2007.

Date: 14/10/2017
Author: burners
Very creditable performance by Ireland Wolves. Singh, Smith and McBrine showing what they can do in very foreign conditions. Given the, let's say, lack of luck with lbw's that Ireland had, we can be proud of the lads.

Singh has probably pencilled himself into Ireland's first test xi there, McBrine too maybe.