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Date: 16/8/2017
Author: Vee

I'm glad to hear this.
The future of ireland ladies is players from the north and south.
Date: 16/8/2017
Author: Rob O' Connor

Women's and Girl's cricket in the North West has improved massively over the last few years, and if they continue growing at the current rate, Irish women's cricket can only benefit. I have had the pleasure of spending time with some of the coaches and players involved over the last number of years and there is a lot of passion and enthusiasm for the women's game in the North West.

I strongly disagree with you when you say CI have no interest in women's cricket in the North West. Aaron Hamilton and myself (when I was Chair of Selectors) made a big effort to make sure women's cricket was developing in all regions. He has spent time in all the unions and is in constant contact with the development officers. CI do fail in some areas, but this is not one of them.

Anyone was able to put their names forward for this season's Super 3s comp. Only 2 players from the NW sent on their availability. When it comes to the super 3s or any Ireland matches, teams are selected on ability. How far players have to travel is not, and should not be, taken in to account. The nature of cricket is that you might not be in the starting XI, for a variety of reasons. I can assure you they are not being left out because of where they come from. There is no conspiracy. Aaron would love to hear about new, potential players, so if you have some names for him, contact him directly.

There are girls representing the NW and the NCU in all the Irish youth squads. The NW and NCU are now playing more fixtures than ever before, at all levels. Super 3 and Irish games have been hosted in the NW and NCU. The women's game is growing, and it is partly due to Cricket Ireland making an effort in this area. I assure you, when the NW and NCU produce players good enough to play for the senior side, they will be snapped up. This is not far away from happening, but people need to be patient.
Date: 16/8/2017
Author: Ryan
Vee I wouldnt waste time on Pearl she still in the era of Irish cricket when only the South were good enough for Irish honours and the South looked down upon the NW. Cricket for all they say..? Why make NW ladies feel un-welcome Pearl? Comment shouldnt have even been allowed on the forum to be honest its borderline cyber bullying!

Ed's Note: I'm from the Voltaire school of thought on this.
Date: 15/8/2017
Author: Paddy McLoughlin
Fair play to the Dutch looking to the future in this ICup game . Pity John Bracewell didn't do the same . Wilson should have been playing for derby this evening whilst Poynter shouldn not have been playing for Durham . Would it not be better to see smith instead of Murtagh . McCarthy instead of Rankin . This should have been treated as an A game . We have our time test status
Date: 15/8/2017
Author: Vee
Re pearl.

What are you on about I think that alot of ladies in northwest cricket have potential to play for Ireland if they would even get the chance to train. And get the opportunity to shine when they are called up. Instead of travelling down to just stand and field for so many overs. Have you seen our North West ladies team?? We have alot of under 18s on it that all shine in their own ways. Or do u just watch the local games!!
Date: 15/8/2017
Author: Ray Dollard
Given the good solid start to match v The Netherlands, hopefully we can push on the strike rate tomorrow quite considerably. Given the batting to come, we can take chances.
Date: 15/8/2017
Author: Jonathan Smyth
RE: Barry McCarthy

Why did Ireland bother to bring him back from England just to carry the drinks when he could have played for Durham in a T20 this evening?
This game against the Dutch would have been the perfect opportunity to play him and Stuart Poynter and a couple of others.
Date: 15/8/2017
Author: Ryan Haire
Interesting read as regards Nick Royles' piece - full endorse the comments of Albert as regards a T20 Irish franchise in the blast...lots of Irish interest especially in the city matches / extra top level experience and profile for players etc..... We understandably had to exit the English county circuit to be taken "seriously" but I feel it was to the detriment of the up and coming local players in the "wilderness years".
Date: 15/8/2017
Author: Barney Stone
I am amazed to see Kevin O' Brien playing for Ireland today. He doesn't play enough Club cricket. Has he given up playing Club cricket?
Date: 15/8/2017
Author: bencric
No Jack Tector selected.... Sigh!
Bracewell blows his last opportunity to salvage something from his disastrous tenure.
Date: 15/8/2017
Author: Ryan
Jeez Pearl bit harsh.
Date: 14/8/2017
Author: Ryano
@ timmyj51

The big bucks is in USA Cricket.
Date: 14/8/2017
Author: Pearl
Catch urself on vee look at the players in the north west ladies leauge children in teams that haven't played before can hardly hold a bat bowling them out and and getting ur wickets against them brillant stats that yea can't compare this to the leauge of the south big strong teams. Not good enough when younger not good enough now Alana Dazzell the only hope for the North West fantastic young player with a good cricket head on her!!
Date: 14/8/2017
Author: timmyj51
Rather silly arrangement for only three teams in the
Women's Qualifier when two will advance. In any event,
one will certainly be team "USA". ICC obsessed with getting
the game going with Americans even if it means barring out
far more qualified teams. Canadian women, Bermuda women,
never given a chance. Were the Channel Island, Danish women, ever given a chance? How
about a REAL qualifier and not just a set up job for
the American team.
Date: 14/8/2017
Author: Russell Williams
As the season moves into the business end of things - will Cricket Leinster publically confirm as to whether there will be promotion from Division 3 this year into what us old timers like to call 'Senior' cricket. I recall last year what would have been a potentially crucial game in Division 2 was not played as no team had expressed a desire to be promoted from Division 3 and thus was deemed irrelevant.

It would be better for the integrity of the game if the stances of clubs in Div 3 were known beforehand to everyone (Div 2 clubs, administrators, fans, etc)